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Here's the latest from Dad's website and Dad's blog. But first a word from our sponsors. (Gotta try to stay in business.)


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Here's the lastest from Dad's Guide to WDW. Have fun.

Patience in Planning

Hey Y’all, The Princess is here with more trip planning help and stories. Last week, we talked about planning in a trip in 5 months when most people take

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Queen bed table at POP

I noticed all the reservations for POP Century have either 1 king or 1 queen and 1 queen bed/table hybrid. I am concerned that this combo will not be as

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Just the 7 of Us!

Hey Y’all! The Princess is back with another TAWDA trip blog. So, if you missed last week’s blog, let me get you caught up. I am The Princess, Dad’s daughter

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Free Dining and Room Offers for Fall 2019

If you're planning a stay at Walt Disney World this fall, there are two great new offers that can help make your trip a little more affordable!  Dad's

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Introducing T’s Amazing Disney World Adventure

Hey Y’all! Dad asked me (The Princess) to write a few blogs as we plan our next family trip to WDW. Dad decided to hand all of the planning over to me,

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Does Room Only Have the Same Benefits as Packages?

Hi Dad, how are you? I have a question for you. I am looking into to booking a trip to WDW next May. If i choose to book a room only option, buy the tickets

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Summer Discounts!

Hey Y'all! I have a new deal to share, but first let me re-introduce myself. If you have read about Dad's family here on the website, you might have heard

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The Best of WDW - Volume 2 is coming!

I am really excited and nervous at the same time. Kind of like the first time I planned a trip for the whole extended family. I knew it would be awesome,

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Blaze Pizza

At Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs you can completely customize your pizza pie, and have it baked before your eyes in just minutes.

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2020 is it important where we stay to see Galaxy Edge?

Hi, We are planning on a trip from New Zealand to WDW in July 2020. Our days will be 21 July onwards (as we finish our week cruise on 20 July in Miami).

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The Best of WDW - Volume 2


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