A big Early Bird Sale!

A big Early Bird Sale!

by Dad
(The Office)


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Oops, slow down Dad, it's not Christmas time yet.

No, it's not Christmas yet, but, I do need to share some big news and yes, it does involve Christmas, and a big sale. A big Early Bird Sale!

You probably know that Dad owns WDW Magazine. If not surprise, Dad owns WDW Magazine.

WDW Magazine Wall Calendar

One of the things we do every year at WDW Magazine is we put out an AMAZING Wall Calendar. We just sent the 2017 Wall Calendar to the printer and so it's time to sell a few.

CInderella Castle is the cover of the 2017 WDW Magazine Wall Calendar

The 2017 calendar features... Wait for it... Cinderella Castle. It's got 14 incredible pictures of Cinderella Castle taken from all angles.

The images of the 2016 WDW Wall Calendar

Just look at those pictures...

Christmas Cards

In addition to the Wall Calendar we also put together some great Christmas Cards. These are just beautiful. If you are looking for Christmas Cards that will get noticed these are just what you are looking for.

Christmas at the Magic Kingdom

Incredible isn't it?

I told you it involved Christmas!

Are You Tall Enough

And last, and what I'm most proud of is the brand new "Dad's Are You Tall Enough To Ride?..." growth chart. Keep track of the kids as the grow and see if they are tall enough to experience the attractions at WDW.

Dad's Are You Tall Enough to Ride?

Are they tall enough?

I wrote about it the other day...

Dad's Disney World Height Requirements page

It's really going to look great on your wall...

The Early Bird Sale includes the Dad's Are You Tall Enough to Ride growth chart

Can't you just see this hanging on your wall?

Isn't that just cool? You gotta have one of these. I'm probably going to hang one up on my wall and I don't have any kids.

The Early Bird Sale

I mentioned the Big Early Bird Sale. It's going on now through the end of August. I need to raise some money for the printing so I'm throwing a pre-sale. You get great prices and I get sales. Orders will be shipped in about 3 weeks.

Go to the Early Bird Sale

Come on, join me and let's sing...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

I just love Christmas...

And boy do I sing good! (No, that's not a question. It's a statement of true fact. Trust me!)


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