A car for Christmas at WDW

A car for Christmas at WDW

HI, Dad! My family of four just bought a package for 12/19-12/25/10--great deal, free dining, All-Star Movies Resort. We did not book a rental car through Disney, but are wondering if we should after reading your report on Christmas crowds. We only plan on going to the parks and Downtown Disney. Do you think traveling by Disney buses will be too congested or should we get a car for Christmas at Disney World?


Dad's I always do Answer


Christmas at Disney World. There's nothing better. I'll make this short. It's Dad's humble opinion that you should have a car at Disney World anytime you visit if you can afford it. But, for Christmas time at Disney World, it's almost a must. Disney does a great job of moving people around, but having a car removes the Disney shackles from your vacation.

For example, if you or one of the family gets sick and needs a doctor during your visit, you can get one to come to your hotel for around $200.00 +. However with a car you can get to one of the local doc in a boxes where it's considerably cheaper.

So Dad always even at Christmas at Disney World suggests you have a ...

Car at Disney World

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