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A Mothers Day Tribute to Mrs. Mom


by Dad

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Happy Mothers Day! I thought it would be fun today to celebrate mothers day with a tribute to our favorite Mom around here, Mrs. Mom. Mrs. Mom has been my Walt Disney World partner for over 35 years.


Through those years Mrs. Mom has imparted a lot of wisdom. That’s what Mom’s do. They impart wisdom, right? I could write a whole book of Mrs. Mom’s wisdom and some day I just might. But for today, let’s take a look at a few of the the Pearls of Wisdom from Mrs. Mom.


Mrs. Mom is the practical one in our family. That figures. Mom’s tend to be practical and Dad’s get to be the wild ones. One of the most practical and helpful things Mrs. Mom does on our trips is being the keeper of the Fanny Pack. Mrs. Mom’s Fanny Pack is practically legend. Check this out.

Like most Mom’s, Mrs. Mom knows what she likes.


Mrs. Mom Pop Century Snob


A Mom deserves a break every once in a while. They work hard. A few months ago, Mrs. Mom and I took a break and she had the Adventure of a lifetime. I’m still writing about it, but you might want to see, Mrs. Mom’s Magical Adventure.

I could spend hours talking about Mrs. Mom, but I probably ought to stop. The Bottom Line is Mom’s are special. Today is a great day to celebrate Mom’s.

Happy Mothers Day!

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