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A Quiet Location for Wishes?

by Colleen

Hi Dad! We’re taking our boys for their first Disney trip soon! I was wondering if there might be a good place to view Wishes where we can still hear the stories and music, but not have the loud “booms” from the fireworks? One boy is just shy of 2 and the older one has some sensory issues with loud noises so I don’t want that magic to be ruined by fears of loud noises if possible!


Watch Wishes from somewhere besides Main St. USA – Photo by Judd Helms

Dad’s Just the Thing Answer

Colleen, Wishes is really something special that every kid should see. If I’m ever in Orlando and not at Disney, I even sneak over to watch it. And don’t worry, Dad has just the solution for you.

Watching Wishes in the Magic Kingdom has its charms. Its great to look at the Castle. You know exactly when the show will start because they dim the lights. But you have to fight tens of thousands of people for a viewing spot on Main Street. It’s loud. You might wait an hour or longer for a “good” spot. It’s stressful.

But, Dad has a better way. About an hour before Wishes, leave the Magic Kingdom. Take the monorail or a boat to the Polynesian Village Resort. Or head over 90 minutes early and explore a bit!

You’ll be able to head right out to the beach. You can enjoy a Dole Whip from Pineapple Lanai. You might even find a place to sit. You’ll see the tip of the Castle lit up across the Seven Seas Lagoon. And when it’s show time, you’ll have an amazing view of the fireworks – without the big KA-BOOM! They even pipe the music in for you.

Afterward, you can head back to the Magic Kingdom to get a bus to your resort, take the monorail if you’re staying at a monorail hotel, head to the TTC if you drove in, or even catch a bus to Disney Springs from the Polynesian where you can transfer to a bus back to your resort. Sounds complicated, but it’s pretty easy.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Colleen, this is truly Dad’s favorite way to watch Wishes – I don’t even bother seeing it from the Magic Kingdom unless I have to. Trust me. Your kids will love it!

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