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A Walt Disney World vacation is Simple, Fun, and Magic!

by Dad
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Did you know a Walt Disney World vacation is easy? Yes it is? I know a lot of people are talking about how hard it is to go to Walt Disney World, but let’s get real. It’s really not.

In fact, a Walt Disney World vacation is Simple, Fun and Magic.

Balloons in the Magic Kingdom are part of the Simple, Fun, Magic of Walt Disney World

There is nothing more Simple, more Fun and more Magic than a balloon in the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Brett Svenson

Walt always talked about having a place where families could experience Magic together. A place that was Simple and Fun.

Walt truly believed that his theme parks would be a place of joy. A place where that would bring back memories of happier times and have us looking longingly at the future.

As Walter Cronkite used to say… “and that’s the way it is…”

The logo for Simple Fun Magic

A WDW vacation is…

  • Simple – OK, how hard can it be? You are GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD! Choose a time to go. Make a hotel reservation. Buy tickets. Make some dining reservations. Make a daily plan. Choose some FastPass times. Pack and travel and have…
  • Fun – Every step of a WDW vacation is fun. What’s not to like? You are GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD! This is fun!!!! Oh, you have to spend a few hours looking at the menus for which restaurant to eat at… That’s fun! You have to pick times for the BEST rides at WDW. Duh! That’s fun! Every step is fun!
  • Magic – Do I really need to talk about Magic? OK, I will. From the moment you drive under that sign that says “Where Dreams Come True” the Magic truly begins. NO, WAIT! The Magic truly begins when you first decide that you are GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD! Everything after that is really Magic.

Now, before you start screaming at Dad about how this goes wrong, how they’ve changed that menu, closed this ride or that show or, how you need to choose the perfect room, how… Wait a minute. Take a chill pill. Sit down with your favorite calming beverage and remember the One Big Truth. You are GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD. Relax.

Dad’s going to be right here to help you with any issues that might crop up. Dad’s already got a ton of simple information about how to plan your trip, he’s written fun answers to about 1,000 questions, and he brings a little magic from WDW to you every day. We’re not going anywhere.

Everything we do is going to be based on Simple, Fun, Magic and the One Big Truth!


This is going to be fun.

Dad’s One Big Truth page

The cover for Simple Fun Magic the book

Dad is writing a book, check out the working cover

Speaking of Simple Fun Magic, Dad just happens to be writing a book about the concept of Simple Fun Magic. In fact, the name of the book is Simple Fun Magic. This is going to be the BEST. BOOK. EVER.

Dad has started a Facebook page for the book. I’d sure like for you to join us over there and help me as I write the BEST. BOOK. EVER.

Come join us on our Facebook page for the book – Simple Fun Magic – The Facebook Page

You won’t be sorry!

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