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by Joseph Larsen
(Merrimack, NH, USA)

This is a two part question. My finance and I are going to be staying with my best friend and his wife (her first time). Are there any that you know of for October 9th check in to October 14th check out?

The second part are we able, since we are staying in the same room, to have different have different number of tickets. My fiance and I would be getting there early on Sunday and would want visit a park while we await their arrival later that night. Thank you for you time and the wonderful site.

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Dad’s not always the best idea Answer


Thanks for the question and the nice words about the site. Let me help.

First the Resort. Some AAA members can get discounts from Disney. (However, rumors are that this will end soon.) The discount is on the room portion of your vacation package. This sounds like a good deal, but …

If you were to book with AAA discount then a discount came out from Disney for, lets say, Free Dining, you would have call Disney to cancel your AAA reservation and rebook under the free dining. You would have to call Disney because they certainly won’t call you and tell you you can save a pile of money.

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About the different arrival times, you can buy your tickets separately and you can save some money by booking through a Disney World ticket broker like Undercover Tourist. Everyone could have different tickets without a problem.

However, if a package discount comes up and you want to all book the same package, you and your fiance could book a couple of days separately then have a different reservation for when all of you are together.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Whew. That all sounds difficult. I would suggest you work with the folks over at Destinations to Travel and let them help you sort out all the options. They are experts at working on unusual situations.

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Aug 07, 2011 Thanks For The Responses
by: Joe

Thank you both for your responses, however I do not have to worry about the Free Disney Dining Plan as they are unfortunately not offering it that week. I wish!

Aug 03, 2011 AAA Packages
by: Lance

I love Dad, but in his response he is not entirely accurate. We are going to disney from november 5th through november 14th, and I booked our trip through AAA. As soon as the free dining plan was announced, I called up my AAA agent and had my vacation package reduced by $650. I also called disney directly to confirm that the AAA price was still cheaper than booking with Disney directly and it was. So before you cancel your AAA reservation give them a call and make sure they apply the promotion to your package.

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