ABC Commissary


The ABC Commissary in Disney Hollywood Studios has the coldest bathroom on the planet. Yep, that’s what I said, not the coldest drinks, not the coldest ice cream, the coldest bathroom. It’s also a very easy place to get a table and sit down for a while on a hot day.



ABC Commissary at Disney Hollywood StudiosABC Commissary is great for a quick bite. Photo by Laurie Sapp.

ABC Commissary

If you’ve seen the movie Blazing Saddles, that’s what I think of when we went to the Commissary. Non-descript tables and booths in a non-descript restaurant with plastic food on the tables. The air conditioning worked really well.


This restaurant is located in the Commissary Lane area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (kind of at the back, left of the park between Toy Story Land and Grand Avenue.


ABC Commissary at Disney Hollywood StudiosLook out for this sign and you’ll be on your way to the most air-conditioned spot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Photo by Laurie Sapp.

Lunch and Dinner

The restaurant is open from 11:00 am to around park closing time, serving lunch and dinner. The menu is very simple – burgers, salad, chicken – really American comfort classics. They’re also known to have a seasonal dessert or two.

It’s pretty affordable, there’s lots of seating, and did I mention the air conditioning?


See the most up-to-date menu from Disney here.


ABC Commissary at Disney Hollywood StudiosSee? Told you it was simple. Photo by Laurie Sapp.

Advanced Dining Reservations

Since this is a Quick Service location, no ADR is needed.

Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservations page

The Disney Dining Plan

ABC Commissary accepts Quick Service meal credits and Snack credits (for dessert and drinks) on the Disney Dining Plan.

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page

Disney Quick Service Restaurant

This restaurant is considered a Quick Service Resturant for the Disney Dining Plan.


All Disney Restaurants are non-smoking.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

I have to admit, I don’t like this restaurant. There is nothing on the menu that sounds good, and when we tried some of it, it lived up to our expectations. But hey, it was very cool on a very hot day.