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About Jersey Weeks at Walt Disney World in November?


by Reagan Stallings
(Tampa, Florida, U.S.A)


I’ve heard a lot about Jersey thing at Disney World in November, and normally I would avoid it at all cost but I’m kind of like in love with a girl from New Jersey and that’s my only time to see her is then. I’m a true veteran much like you, I go every week and know all of the tips, tricks, and secrets of the trade, so I just thought it would be kind of cool to talk to another Disney Veteran like me.


Anyway, I’m pretty sure It’s going to be a wild time mainly because I will probably be the only Floridian in there and every one else is from Jersey. I know a lot how to avoid the crowds already but I think it would be much better if we combined out knowledge and I’ll be truly invincible from the crowds.



The Walt Disney World Railroad circling the Magic Kingdom

Take a Romantic Train Ride Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s Street Savoire Faire Answer




It’s always great to hear from someone who’s confident in their ability to tour the parks while dodging the crowds – you’re got real street savoire faire my friend. (Bonus points to any of Dad’s readers who just got that reference!) Plus, Dad’s a sucker for anyone in love, so let’s have some fun and see if we can’t plan you the most magical Jersey Week trip to Walt Disney World ever.


First things first: let’s clear up the myths about Jersey Week. Dad’s written about it here and here and here. Will there be crowds? Yes, but small ones. Will some of them be from New Jersey? Sure, but show me a day of the year when there’s no one from the garden state at America’s most popular theme park destination.


In truth, the crowds in general will be mild at best, but you’re right about one thing – most Floridians won’t be at the parks, having just visited for Halloween or waiting for Christmas! That will give you a keen edge on any crowds, and when you apply your knowledge of touring the parks, you’ll be able to show her an amazing time, visiting all the attractions you want to plus having time to enjoy all those little magical Disney moments.


Dad’s November Crowd Calendar Page


I’m sure by now you’re already read all of Dad’s tips on avoiding crowds, and developed a few of your own (I’d love to hear some – please feel free to share!), and maybe you’ve even visited for really detailed crowd info and suggested touring plans for the parks. But the real value of for a veteran like yourself who is trying to impress a lady is their Lines app – you can use it to monitor wait times and glide through the park with as little wait as possible.


Dad’s Page


So now that we’ve reviewed the basics, lets talk about some things you can do to really “wow” her. Extra Magic Hours are great, but why use them when you can have the park nearly to yourself? Book the earliest breakfast reservation you can (about an hour before park opening) and get inside the gate before EVERYONE – snap a picture in front of the castle, grab a bite and be ready to roll out to your favorite ride as soon as the rope drops. No need to shell out for Cinderella’s Royal TableCrystal Palace will do just fine!


At the other end of the spectrum, stay till the very last minute at park closing when you’re at the Magic Kingdom and witness the “Kiss Goodnight” – it’s a little signature sign off they do each night with a quote from Uncle Walt himself before When You Wish Upon a Star plays. Typically, this happens right at closing (or at Extra Magic Hours closing) and again about an hour later – ask a Cast Member on the day of your visit for the scheduled time. Few people know about it so once again the park will be all yours!


You also may want to consider taking time to appreciate the special little details that put Disney parks ahead of the rest. Playing an interactive game like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom or Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure can really help you to notice things you’d otherwise miss while spending precious time together away from the crowds at the rides and shows.


If you’re looking to splurge and part with some big bucks, Disney offers loads of special tours and experiences. You can trek around the Savannah, ride Segway Personal Transporters around the world, or take a fireworks cruise to escape the crowds in the most memorable way. All the info you need is on the Walt Disney World Website here.

Dad’s Bottom Line


Reagan, whoever she is, your Jersey girl is a lucky one – it’s really special that you’re taking the time to plan the perfect Disney visit in advance. I hope I could help – even us veterans can always learn something new! I wish you both a magical time together!


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