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About the Disney Dining Plan


by Tina

I am once again inquiring about the Disney Dining Plan. We will be arriving at Disney on 12-11-10. We are staying seven nights and eight days. Although, the 11th and the 18th will be driving days. It will take us approximately 10 hours to drive. We are hoping to arrive at least by five or six o’clock on the evening of the 11th.

My question is…When will our dining plan begin? Will we be able to use it the night we arrive and will we be able to use it on the 18th before we leave?

Since our tickets will not be available to us on these two driving days we will obviously not be able to eat inside the parks on these days. So, if we can use our plan on these days are there restaurants available on the evening of the 11th and the early morning of the 18th?

Also, if we have points left over on the morning of the 18th after our breakfast will we be able to use those as well?

Dad’s here’s how it works Answer


Good to hear from you again.

About the Disney Dining Plan – here’s how it works.

  • Each meal is a credit
  • You’re meals are matched to the number of nights of your reservation. (7 nights means 7 meals or 7 credits)
  • Meal Credits can be used from the time you receive your room keys, until midnight the last day of your vacation.
  • Credits can be used at any time
  • Unused credits are lost

So, what does all that mean to you?

You will be able to use your Disney Dining Plan the day you arrive. You will be able to use your plan the day you depart at any Disney Dining Plan Restaurant.

Most restaurants will be open in the evening of the 11th. I’d suggest a reservation for 8ish at one of the hotel restaurants. (Chef Mickey’s or Kona Cafe might make good choices.) The morning you depart, if you want to leave early, your options will be limited. I’d suggest you plan breakfast in the food court at your hotel. It qualifies as a quick service meal. (Before you ask, sometimes Disney allows guest to exchange one full service credit for one counter service credit. It’s not part of the plan and it might not happen.) If you plan to eat at the food court save one counter service credit.

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan Page

Whew, too much. Let me know if that helps. Oh, and all of the above is about the upgraded dining plan, not just the counter service. If you have the counter service plan, when you arrive, grab dinner at the food court, or take a bus to the Magic Kingdom, grab the monorail in eat in one of the monorail hotels quick service restaurants.

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