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Can We Add Free Dining To Our Package Later?

from Aaron


In December 2018 we were able to get the free dining plan package with staying at Caribbean Beach Resort. Historically, it appears Disney offers their free dining plan starting around Dec 8,9,10ish each year. If we were to book our vacation now for say Dec 13-19 (Staying at Caribbean again) without the free dining, would we be able to add that to our package when it’s announced later? Also, if we make dining reservations at the 180 day mark, then if we were to get the free dining package afterwards the reservations are made, will that effect our reservations? I hope I make sense.

Dad Answers

The Mickey Cookie on the Festival of the Holidays Cookie Stroll would be a great snack if you add free dining to your package

December means the Cookie Stroll at Festival of the Holidays in EPCOT – photo by Courtney Reynolds


Aaron, (great name, by the way*)


The quick answer is yes and no. I know, not helpful, let’s break it down.

Add Free Dining to a Package?

If you book a vacation in advance and a discount comes out later, yes, you can add the discount to your package later. I recommend this all the time.


I’m always telling people to go ahead and book their trips as soon as they finalize the dates, because you never know when Disney is going to increase prices. If you are already booked, your price is locked in. A couple of years ago, I know of some people who booked their trips in June of the year before they were traveling. In April, Free Dining was announced for their dates. It was going to cost more for them to add Free Dining than what they had booked without it.


Which is why I recommend to book your trips as soon as you can.

Will it Affect Your Dining Reservations?

Your other question was, will adding Free Dining affect your Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR’s)? No. ADR’s are not tied to any other reservations. Anyone can make ADR’s at 180 days whether they have a hotel reservation or not. So, changing your hotel reservation will not impact your dining reservations.

Let Our Partners Take Care of It

Why don’t you talk to our partners at Destinations to Travel? They will be happy to take care of this for you. They’ll make your reservation now and if/when Free Dining or any other discount comes out they will work their Magic to get it for you. (They usually get a head start on the general public.)


They will also help with making ADR’s and even FastPass reservations all the way to doing all the work for you if that’s what you want. Give them a shout today. You’ll thank me.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Dad’s Bottom Line

Aaron, the bottom line is you can make reservations at any time, then later you can add Free Dining or any other discount that may be applicable. It’s Simple.


*The Man-Child is named Aaron.


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