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Adding a person to our room reservation


by Deb
(Pinehurst, NC)

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“My daughters and I are planning a week vacation to WDW in October. We are spending 6 nights at POP Century. My sister lives in FL and wants to come up and visit the two last days at the parks with us. I was wondering if I could add her on the last two nights at POP. I booked the vacation online.



All or Nothing


Hi Deb,


That sounds interesting. Have “auntie” swoop in for a couple of days of fun and frivolity. That’s pretty cool.


As to adding her to the reservation for a partial visit, it can’t be done. Disney’s computers aren’t set up to add someone for part of a reservation. It’s an all or nothing deal.

“Sneak Her In”


That being said, Disney doesn’t monitor who’s actually in the rooms once you check in. You could always just sneak “auntie” in. Just don’t tell Disney.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


It’s not all bad news. You can’t add “auntie” to the reservation, but you can let her stay in the room for a couple of nights.


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Comments for

Jun 14, 2019 adding a guest to your room
by: MaryH Actually, we had a similar situation when we visited Disney in October. My friend and I were planning to go to Disney to celebrate our birthdays and then our husbands decided to join us and go fishing. I could not add them to the reservation online unless I also wanted to purchase the same Disney park tickets for them which they were not going to use at all. When we registered on the day of arrival at the hotel, they did allow us to add them and gave them gray hotel access bands only and charged us the additional person fees. I don’t know if all of the resorts will do this or if we just happened to be lucky enough to get a nice registration clerk. It does seem like there should be a way to add a guest legitimately for part of your trip or to have a guest in the room that is not going to have the same park schedule as others.

Jun 14, 2019 We added dad
by: Disney Grampa Our granddaughter’s 5th birthday was spent at DW. Dad could not be with us for the week since he is a teacher and could not take off during the school session for a DW trip. He flew in Saturday morning, and flew out on Sunday night, spending one night at DW. We were able to add him to the room as a guest for one night (no extra charge) and he even was able to take advantage of the Magical Express so we did not have to pay for a taxi from the airport. Disney bent over backwards to accommodate us…we just had to call them ahead of time to find out how to do it. Of course, we did not have a dining plan to get in the way of things, and he did have to pay for a one-day ticket to get into the park, but all-in-all, the trip was a success and Dad made extra points for going the distance.

Jun 14, 2019 Disney Dame
by: Anonymous Actually, you can add another guest for just some of the nights, but you can’t do it until you check in. Since the aunt is coming at the end of your trip, this works very well for you. After you check in, you ask the desk agent to add the aunt as a “day guest” for the nights she will be there. We have done this multiple times and our day guest has even had the benefit of using Magical Express, which it seems like you don’t need. It’s a lot better than just having someone in the room who isn’t a registered guest. At some resorts they check to make sure only registered guests use the pool and only registered guests can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, so this way, your day guest can have the full guest experience.

Jun 14, 2019 Extra Magic Hours won’t work if you sneak her in
by: Steve Kramp The only problem that I see sneaking her in, is that if you can do Extra Magic Hours, the person who is being snuck in won’t be allowed to join you for those hours.But if you’re not getting a discount on the multi-day reservation, and if you don’t exceed the maximum capacity of the room, I would check on setting up two reservations, one with you and your girls and one adding the aunt to the room. You might have to set up the FastPasses twice, but that might be a small inconvenience to get what you want.A quick phone call should answer all the questions…

Jun 14, 2019 Split stay
by: Aaron You could also book the first 4 nights on one reservation and then book a separate stay for the last 2 nights. Call Disney to extend your first reservations park tickets for 6 days and book the second hotel stay without park tickets. If you have free dining this will not work, but if you are paying for dining yourself, this is no problem.
You could also book a different hotel for the last 2 nights (maybe splurge) and Disney will take your bags to the new hotel for you. It will only cost you a tip.

Jun 14, 2019 sneaking in extra adult to Disney hotel
by: Anonymous Here is what I learned from a trip to Coronado Springs, May 2019–If you want her to have the “official” room magic band, but only end up paying for her two nights–if you call Disney and add her over the phone, they will charge you upfront for the extra adult for the entire stay, but if you go to the front desk at check in (or another time), they will refund you all but her two nights. They easily did this for my adult son who joined us for a partial week. You learn new things each trip!

Jun 14, 2019 Adding a person to a room
by: Paul As you pay for the room and not the person
there would be no charge, Disney would want to know for safety reasons.

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