Adding park hopper for one day of a multi day ticket

by Edward
(Lady’s Island, SC)

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“Hey. I know you’ve probably answered this question before but I couldn’t find it in the FAQs… we are going to WDW 1/26-1/30. I was planning on getting a 5 day base ticket. The only park I see us not wanting to stay at all day would be EPCOT, is there a way to buy the base ticket now, then add one day of hopper so I don’t have to pay for a bunch of days we aren’t likely to use?”

All or nothing

The decorations near Spaceship Earth for the Festival of the Arts at EPCOT

The Festival of the Arts might keep you in EPCOT – Photo by Rich Ramos


This actually happened to me a long time ago. We decided on our last day to park hop. I went up to the ticket window to add the Park Hopper option and the nice ticket lady said that will be $200 (something like that).

That’s crazy. For one day?

She said, the park hopper option is not per day. It’s per ticket. It’s the same price no matter how many days are on your ticket.


Yep. The Park Hopper option is an all or nothing deal. You pay the same price if you add it for one day or for all the days of your trip.

Currently, the Park Hopper option is $85 for any ticket of 3 days or more. So adding the option for 1 day will cost you $85. Adding it for 5 days will cost you $85.

You can add the option at any time at one of the ticket windows (like I tried to), but it’s probably better to either change plans and stay in the same park all day or go ahead and buy the option in advance.

The Festival of the Arts

The Festival of the Arts will be going on in EPCOT at that time. You might look at that to see if you’d want to spend a little more time there.

Dad’s Festival of the Arts page

Don’t wait

Oh, yeah. Buy your tickets now because a big price increase is coming on October 16. Get discounted tickets from our partners at The Official Ticket Center.

Dad’s Official Ticket Center page

That price increase for you will be about 5% or more. You can avoid it by having purchased your tickets or booked a package with tickets included (even package tickets are going up). Book your package at;

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

As I embarrassingly found out so long ago, the Park Hopper option cannot be applied to just one day. Oops, it can if it’s the last day, but you will pay the same price for one day as for 5.

Just be sure to lock in your ticket price before the BIG price increase on the 16th.


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