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ADR’s at 180 or 190 days?

by Lee
(Lexington, Ky, USA)

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“What is the difference between those who can book ADRs at 180 days out, and those who I have read about that have a 10 jump or 190 days out? Who is eligible for what?”

You'll need an ADR to eat at Sci Fi Dine In

Sci Fi Dine In is one of the coolest restaurants at WDW – Photo by Judd Helms

Lee, this is really timely because I just did this a few weeks ago. Now, what happens is if you stay in a Disney hotel, when you go to book at 180 days, and you do have to wait until 180 days before your trip, so at your 180-day mark you can book that day and 10 more days if you’re staying in a Disney hotel. That where the 190 comes from. It’s the day you arrive plus 10 more. You can get 190 days to book ADRs. It is a really cool thing.

Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR) page

When I did it, jumped up at 5:30 in the morning Oklahoma time, 6 o’clock in the morning, pushed the button on my Disney experience, boom! All the ADRs were there and available for our whole trip up to 10 days; our trip was only seven days. Our whole trip was available. At 5:45 there wasn’t anything available. Six o’clock boom! Time came, refresh, boom! They’re all available. That’s what it is.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you’re staying in a Disney resort or a Disney hotel, I’d recommend that. You can book at 180 days plus 10 days, not at 190 days. You don’t get a head start. You have to wait until that 180 days, but you do get the extra 10 days.

All right. Hope that helps, Lee.


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Jun 13, 2017 ADR’s
by: Kim Anderson

My travel agent told me I could start making reservations the very next day (it was 180 days from the start of our vacation), and I was able to book to the end of it……I didn’t start early in the morning, and I was able to get the difficult to get into places I wanted. That made me a very happy person……and my vacation very magical!

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