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Adult Things to do at Walt Disney World

by Craig
(Gulfport, MS)

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I see all these tips and tricks for going to WDW with toddlers, tweens, teens, etc., but in October my sister-in-law, her husband and me and my wife are going, primarily for the Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT, without any of the above referenced children.

Are there any specific guides just for adults? I grew up in Sarasota and we used to go to WDW, etc. several times each year but its been 20+ years and I know things have changed. Any guidance for an adult trip, some with mobility issues? (we plan to have at least 2 scooters).

Thank you”

Maybe I should…

Hi Craig,

That’s a good idea. Maybe my next book will be “Dad’s Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World for Adults”. I would be well qualified, since I haven’t been to the park with a “child” in over 10 years. (Although sometimes I act like a child when I’m at WDW.

I’m sure there are a few websites out there about WDW for adults, but not any that I follow.

What to do?

So what is there to do as an adult? Lots and lots. As I said, the last 10 years we’ve been traveling with adults. Our kids are grown up and Mrs. Mom and I have taken a bunch of trips by ourselves.

The main thing to do as adults is to have fun and do the things that sound good to you. Like for me, when I go to the Magic Kingdom I do 2 things right off the bat. I ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and Buzz Lightyear. Sometime during the day I have to have a Dole Whip.

Those are the things I love to do.

Adulting Things

The Festivals at EPCOT, Food and Wine, Flower and Garden, Festival of the Arts and Festival of the Holidays are all great adult activities. I also like Disney Springs. There is so much to see and experience over at Disney Springs. It’s the biggest adult playground at WDW.

We also like spending some time on The Boardwalk. Not a lot just some. Be sure to look at the tours. We really like taking the tours. Find one that sounds like something you’d like can check it out.

About those Mobility Issues

Here’s another book I should write. “Scootering through Walt Disney World”. MMMmmmm. You’re giving me ideas.

I have been on a scooter for a couple of years now. They are a big help, or a big necessity.

I only rent scooters in the parks. I like driving myself around. Not that I don’t like Disney transportation, I just don’t like waiting for buses. Pet peeve of mine. So I rent my scooters in the parks.

It’s easy, but not cheap.

If you plan to use Disney Transportation everywhere, I’d recommend using one of the services that delivers to the hotel. You’ll save some money. I’m going to try that some day…

One tip, go ahead and ride the scooters through the lines. A few of them can be a pain making all the turns, but if the lines are long, the scooter gives you a place to rest. Most rides, it’s really convenient to get back on after the ride.

On the other hand, most of the restaurants aren’t set up to accommodate scooters. It’s better to park them outside.

Oh, and people don’t pay any attention to scooters. They will cut right in front of you in at any time. It’s scary how easy it would be to jump on a scooter and play “Deathrace 2000” (an awful movie from my childhood). You could mow them down right and left. But don’t do that. You have to be careful for them.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

I really could write a whole book about being an adult at WDW. It would be a best seller (in my dreams). Walt Disney World may have a “kiddie” reputation, but it’s really an adult playground that’s very kid friendly.

The main thing is to find the things that you want to do and do those things. Sounds like you’re on track with that with the Food and Wine Festival. That’s what Walt Disney World is all about. Finding YOUR Magic.


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