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Advice about taking 2 year olds to Disney World

by Angela G.
(Richmond, Tx. )

Do you have any specific advice on taking 2 Mickey Mouse crazed 2 1/2 (almost 3) yr olds to Disney World in November? We hadn’t planned on going for another couple years but I just learned they are free under 3 and with them being so in love with Mickey Mouse right now I want to capture the memories. Is it worth taking them so young? Should we wait a couple years so they will remember it? (I’m voting going now and again in a couple years! Just got to get Dad on board with that idea.)

Is it worth it to stay at a resort in the park? I like the idea of being able to go back to the room for nap time. Which resorts would you recommend? I’d like something nice and clean but not paying an arm and leg. We are thinking about only going for 2-3 days and just checking out Magic Kingdom and the jungle park.

Also with them being under 3, is there still a lot of free dining options for them? Is it worth getting a dining plan if they usually share 1 kids meal where ever we go? Thanks so much for your help!

Dad’s reality check answer


Whoa, slow down a bit there. You’ve got about a hundred questions. Dad’s limit is 95.

(This is going to get real long, but it will be so good you’ll want to grab your favorite beverage and sit down for a long and very entertaining story.)

First I think we need a reality check. (Tongue firmly planted in cheek.) What we really have here is a Mickey Mouse crazed Mom looking for someone to help her justify a trip to Mickey Mouse land.

Let me just say, I’m perfectly OK with that. That sounds like a Mom after Dad’s own heart. I can’t wait for grand kids to try out the same tactic.

First, my advice about taking 2 year olds to Disney World.

When it comes to little ones and the memories. I can assure you that the twins won’t remember Disney World in 3 or 4 years, but you will. (The Man-Child and I were talking about our first trip the other day, he said he didn’t remember anything except what he had seen in pictures.)

Some of our favorite times as a family are sitting down and looking at pictures of the first trips we took. I can still remember when I was growing up at Christmas every year, Grandpa would drag out the 8mm projector and show movies of us as little kids including movies of us at Disneyland (I’m old enough that Disney World didn’t exist when I was little.) We’d laugh and tell him to show them again.

Making lifetime family memories is something that can’t be measured in dollars. So I guess the answer to you first questions would be to go now, go as often as you can afford and take all the pictures and video you can. (So later in life you can really embarrass them.)

Now, let’s tackle the rest of your questions one at a time …

Is it worth it to stay at a resort in the park? First, there aren’t any resorts in the parks. Some of the Disney Hotels are located very near the parks, but none are in the parks. The Disney Resorts that are closest to the parks are the most expensive. Do I think it’s worth $400.00 per night to stay at the Polynesian Resort when you could spend $82.00 per night and stay at the Pop Century? Nope. Not unless you have a bazillion dollars in the bank. I wouldn’t spend a ton to stay in one of the fancy hotels until the kids are old enough to remember it. That way you can afford to come back in a couple of years. (Yeah, I know about the getting out of the park during the day, but you can save the money and rent a car.)

Which resorts would you recommend? Easy. I always recommend the Pop Century. We love the Pop Century. Kids love the colors of the Pop and it’s just well laid out and works very well. The transportation service is the best of all the non-Deluxe resorts and the food court is amazing.

Dad’s Pop Century page

Also with them being under 3, is there still a lot of free dining options for them? Free? At Disney World? You’ve gotta be kidding. No, Disney doesn’t have a free dining options for anyone. Sometimes Disney does give away free dining, but I think it’s just a way to get everyone addicted to the Dining Plan.

Is it worth getting a dining plan if they usually share 1 kids meal where ever we go? Let me make this almost perfectly clear. The Disney Dining Plan is almost never worth it especially when you have younger children. The only time Dad recommends the Disney Dining Plan is when it’s free Don’t do it.

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page

Dad’s Bottom Line

Told you this was going to be long.

Angela, yes, Go! Go! Go! Don’t wait years. Yes, the kids won’t have any memories of the trip, but that’s what pictures and video are for. You’ll never forget it and if your house is like mine, it’s all about Mom anyway. (Yes it is Mrs. Mom.)

Comments for Advice about taking 2 year olds to Disney World

Mar 15, 2011

Don’t forget a stroller!

by: Mrs. Mom

My tip is to spend the money to rent a double stroller every day at the parks. Put a couple of small favorite blankets in there and the kids might just take a nap while you and hubby are enjoying the park. (Dad, tell her about my niece and nephews all riding in it in 2003.)

Mrs. Mom

Good tip, Dear. When we went in 2003, the nieces and nephews ranging from 5 to 12 took turns riding (and sleeping) in the double stroller. It was a lifesaver (so I’m told, I try to ignore that side of the family).

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