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After Hours dates for 2019?

by Leslie Gagnon
(Rochester, NY)

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“Hi Dad, hope you are having a magical first day of Spring. The current After Hours schedule runs out in early April. Our trip starts August 15. Any educated guess as to when the schedule might be announced for my trip time? We want to attend MK, AK and HS and a lot of my plans are dependent on this. Thanks so much!”

Only the Shadow Knows


I’m not sure even Disney knows when the schedule will be released for After Hours for August or even April. Shoot, after the total mess with Galaxy’s Edge who knows what Disney will do.

The current After Hours schedule for the Magic Kingdom runs through April 11th. You would think on March 26th (today’s date) that the rest of April, May and June would all be out by now. But it’s not.

Is this the end of After Hours?

What does that mean? I don’t know. Is this the end of After Hours? Maybe. The last time Disney announced a bunch of dates to After Hours it was 4 months in advance and no new dates have been added since last November and those dates started in March.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Leslie, the bottom line is that the After Hours schedule for the summer should be out already. It’s ominous that no dates are available after April 11th. I’m not sure After Hours is going to be an option going forward. That would be sad.


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