All Star Music Family Suite and ...

All Star Music Family Suite and ...

by jessica
(phila, pa)

Hi dad,

Thanks for all the great advice. I have a question about the rooms at the All Star Music Resort. Is it possible to book an All Star Music Family Suite and preferred room in the same section?

I have a family of four (me, husband, and kids 10 and 3) plus considering the grandparents who would need to be close to us but in a separate room. Or could you recommend another option/resort to meet this need?

Thanks so much

Dad's this is going to sound funny Answer


This is going to sound a bit funny but follow me. No you cannot book a Family Suite at the All Star Music Resort and a room in the same building. Here is the problem with this.

Disney does not allow you to book particular rooms or particular buildings. They are very good about keeping parties together, but even that doesn't always happen. You can request certain buildings and adjacent or adjoining rooms, but Disney isn't always able to accommodate all requests (it happens, but very rarely).

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Dad's Bottom Line

Jessica, your family is the perfect size for the All Star Music Family Suites and I can't think of a better place for your family.

PS - If you need help with your reservations, why not Let Dad do it

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