All Star Resort Reservation for Dance Contest

by Shelly
(St Louis, MO)

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“I was trying to book a room at any of the All-Star resorts for May 2018 because my granddaughter will compete in a dance contest there. I know her team is usually housed at the Sports or Movies and I would prefer to stay there. However, this year, none of those rooms are open for booking. Any ideas?”

The Winners Circle at the All Star Sports

Maybe you’ll see her in the Winners Circle – Photo by Rich Ramos

Hi Shelley, the first thing I would do is check with her team. A lot of times these rooms are booked for the teams. The teams get access to a number of rooms and sometimes they get extra rooms. Check with the team first.

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Will rooms come available at any the All-Star Resorts? No. There’s pretty much no chance. Now, you mentioned the All-Star, well, you said all the All-Stars. The All-Star and the Pop are two different hotels and they’re not close together, so if you’re at the Pop Century, you’re not close to the All-Stars. So you won’t be able to walk over and see your granddaughter.

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The Pop Century is a good alternative. The Pop Century is a nice place and it’s roughly the same price, but just a little more expensive than the All-Stars.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line, first thing to do is check with the team. They might have access to rooms. And if you can’t, yeah, you’re probably going to end up with the Pop Century and that’s not a terrible thing. You won’t be able to walk out and see her but she’ll be at the competitions and I’m sure you’ll be there watching her!

You can go over to the All Star Resort at any time when she’s free. The Minnie Van’s ought to be working everywhere by then.


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