All Star Sports Food Court Closed?

All Star Sports Food Court Closed?

by Mary
(Florence al)

Staying at All Star Sports Resort. Stressing over food court being closed when we come in Nov. 21 to 25. Can we walk to other food courts. How far is it to walk? What about mug refills?

The All Star Sports Resort from above

Just a short walk across the parking lot - Photo by gvgoebel

Dad's it's a problem Answer


OK, I'm not going to lie to you. The closing of the End Zone Food Court at the All Star Sports Resort is a pain for those staying there. They have opened up a temporary "grab and go" location in the arcade, but it's just what it says, grab and go.

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It isn't a long walk over to the Music Resort, but it is a walk. And when tired feet are a problem it's annoying to have to take extra steps.

That all being said, refurbishments have to happen from time to time. I complained a lot (to Mrs. Mom) last year about the condition of some of the attractions and the Pop Century Resort. They were in real need of refurbishment. Every once in a while you just have to shut things down and fix them. That's a fact of life.

I know it doesn't help you, but it has to be done. The Resort will be in better shape when it's done.

Oh, the refillable mugs, sorry, you'll have to go to the Music or Movies to fill your mugs. The "grab and go" is bottles only. Bummer.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Mary, these things happen. They have to. For the most part Disney is very clean and constant refurbishment is why. At least you know about it in advance. You can make plans to eat in other places and get some drinks delivered to your room.

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