All World Ticketing - Disney World tickets

All World Ticketing - Disney World tickets

by mike

Do you have information with the company All World Ticketing? They are selling Disney employee tickets? Are they legit and will they work?

Dad's run away, run very quickly away Answer


I've never heard of All World Ticketing selling Disney World Tickets. I went to the website, and clicked on several links, none worked. That's a big red flag to me. My recommendation is, if you buy tickets outside of a Disney World package, use a reputable, Disney World ticket broker like Undercover Tourist.

Dad's Bottom Line

Every week or two, some new Disney World ticket scam shows up. This one looks like one of those. In the immortal words of one of my favorite movies of all times "Run Away! Run Away!"

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Jan 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

First Request Entertainment nor All World Ticketing is no longer in business. Jack Hendrick is going by First Choice Ticketing now and he only post on craiglist. If you do a search on the phone number,
610-628-3168, he provides it links back to All World Ticketing.

The only reason you hear some success stories is because the parks is playing the game too. They have to show a loss to prosecute.

Just beware by you purchasing and using tickets that have been purchased with stolen credit cards you could be liable for theft.

Do not buy tickets from this company!

Oct 02, 2011
All World Ticketing Now First Request Entertainment
by: Anonymous

ALl World Ticketing is no longer in business. Jack Hendrick is going by First Request Entertainment now and he only post on craiglist. If you do a search on the phone number he provides it links back to All World Ticketing.

The only reason you hear some success stories is because the parks is playing the game too. They have to show a loss to prosecute.

Just beware by you purchasing and using tickets that have been purchased with stolen credit cards you could be liable for theft.

Do not buy tickets from this company!

Jun 30, 2011
My Final Word
by: Dad

Comments on this issue are closed. I will not post any more.

You can see my response to the comments below by going to my blog and reading my response.

Thank you.

Jun 29, 2011
It is a scam.
by: Anonymous

I can assure you that it's a scam. My parents were just at Disney yesterday and were told that their tickets were purchased with stolen credit cards. They did not get what they paid for--they were denied entrance to the park! We purchased tickets back in April for one day passes and got lucky. Apparently the security system kicks the tickets out after one day. If you got tickets from the company that worked--were they for more than one day? Why would I waste my time coming back to this site and posting about my experience if I was lying? The only way I found this site was by googling the company name. The charges haven't showed up on their card yet, so they haven't been able to dispute them. Hopefully they can get their money back, but there's no guarantee. There's also no guarantee that the company won't use his card to buy other tickets.

Jun 29, 2011
by: Anonymous





Jun 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have bought tickets from this company myself. Everything worked out. Here's the skinny: if you're not buying directly from Disney, then you're always at risk. ALWAYS!

But since I booked with my card, I'm fully protected in case anything goes wrong. i doubt it's a scam! What kinda scam is it if people are getting what they paid for????

Show me some guy who will meet me at the park and only wants cash for his bogus, then I can show you a scam.

Jun 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

I understand your decision to not post the other comments. I thought maybe I was losing it because I kept getting emails about new comments and they weren't there. :) I hope my parents' unfortunate experience can prevent others from being scammed. I also wanted to mention...the company will give you numbers of previous customers to call. I did call several of them before we bought tickets in April. I do believe they were actual customers. They all also had one day passes, however. Maybe it takes the security system a day to block the tickets? My point is---we must have gotten lucky. It is not worth it. Don't believe the people who run this scam!

Jun 28, 2011
Back again...

I keep getting emails about new comments, and I haven't been able to see any new ones. I also had posted another comment a couple of months ago about my experience, but don't see it on the thread. Anyway--my family (large party of 12) and I purchased one day park hoppers from this company in April. They did work. No problems.

My parents are in Disney now. Although I had told them about previous comments regarding some problems with this company, they decided to use them again to buy three day hoppers. They went to Animal Kingdom yesterday, no problems. Tried to go to Hollywood Studios today, and couldn't get in. Disney told them that the tickets were purchased with a stolen credit card and that their security system had blocked them from being used again. My parents purchased hopper passes from Disney, called All World back to get another confirmation number and are giving all the information to Disney. They are checking for any fraudulent charges on their card and hoping to get their money back for the All World tickets from their credit card company. They asked me to post this information so that others will know about the scam this company is running.

Obviously when I posted before, I was telling the truth. I guess since we were only using one day passes, the security system blocked them after we went through. Maybe they wouldn't have worked if we had tried to go back the next day. I'm not sure. Hopefully this prevents someone else from getting scammed.

Dad answers

I'm sorry I didn't post your last comment, but I got a couple on consecutive days that looked too good to be true so I deleted them. It was my decision. I'm glad you had a good experience, but I thought if I published it that it could lead to a result just like your parents experienced.

All World Ticketing is a SCAM.

I can't say this enough. Disney Tickets are highly regulated and there is no way to legally get Disney tickets for 50% off. It's just not possible.

Thank you for the update and please everyone else, don't be tempted.

May 13, 2011
by: Dad

I am now convinced and I will not longer accept any more "testimonials" for All World Ticketing. This is a scam. Don't fall for the nice "oh, I met that nice man Jack and he brought me the perfect tickets".

DON'T DO IT!!!!!

For one thing there is absolutely no reason why anyone would need to know which park you were going to on what day. That doesn't make sense. For another, it just so happens that the next week after we get a note saying it was a scam and the family was embarrassed Dad suddenly gets suspicious notes saying how perfect the service was.

I don't buy it. I went back to the website. It still doesn't work. That alone lets me know its a scam. The links don't go anywhere. Take it from me, it's easy to write short pages and make links work.

Dad's Bottom Line

RUN AWAY! DON'T DO IT! (Yes I'm shouting.)

May 12, 2011
Worked for my family!
by: V.S.

I was recommended to All World Ticketing by a family member who is a veteran Disney vacationer. She gave me the contact's number, Jack. I was skeptical at first because my family has been scammed before but she reassured me that it's legit. I called him and he was very polite and helpful. This is how it works:

They need to know:

1) what park tickets you need
2) the quantity of tickets
3) which parks you'll be going to on which days
4) which park hopper option you'd like

We opted for the 1 day park hopper for all 4 Disney parks and we needed 7 tickets total! He quoted us a price and took down our credit card number. We told him our schedule for the parks (Animal Kingdom first, Magic Kingdom second, etc.)
Now I wasn't worried about the fact that they only accept credit cards, this seemed more legit to us than a ticket dealer who asks for cash. They can take your cash and give you bad tickets and you'll have no way of protecting yourself or getting your money back. At least when your credit card is charged, there is a paper trail and your bank can try and track the fraud.

Jack assured us that the cards won't be charged until the tickets are picked up at the Guest Services counter at our first park, Animal Kingdom. [By now, i'm thinking this has GOT to be legit if he wants us to go retrieve the tickets at Guest Services/Will Call. *Fingers crossed*] As soon as we arrived at the park, we went to guest services and gave them the confirmation code Jack had given us and we got the tickets with no problems at all. We used the tickets at all 4 parks with ease. And he was true to his word, our cards were not charged until the morning we got them and at the exact price quoted.

We plan on also buying our Universal tickets from them. Saving our family just around 50% !

Apr 30, 2011
Reliable Ticket Broker
by: Megan

We have a sick child. Medical bills are very expensive so we looked for an cheaper way to make this trip for our children.

Found All World Ticketing and they were very reliable and made this trip very affordable. We bought Disney, Universal and Seaworld tickets. All worked perfectly!

We've recommended them to our friends and family and there hasn't been any problems.

Apr 26, 2011
All World Ticketing
by: Scammed

I wanted to share our experience with All world ticketing out of PA. We took our Disney trip last week. Upon arrival, we had difficulty getting our tickets from the will call at EPCOT. The tickets had to be "reissued" and they finally worked. Monday was Hollywood Studios and the tickets worked. Tuesday we proceeded to Blizzard beach where the tickets did not work. After an hour of guest services, we were pulled aside and told the tickets had been brought with a stolen credit card. As classy as Disney is, they actually allowed us into the park and gave us free lunch. They also got us a ticket for our last day at Magic Kingdom. Disney did not have to do this, it was truly amazing to us that they took care of us after we were taken advantage of.

I would STRONGLY recommend just paying the money and getting your tickets from Disney, it will save you the pain we experienced. After all, our trip was worth every cent we paid!

Apr 11, 2011
It worked.

My family and I just purchased one day hopper passes from this company. We went last week (April 6th). We were very skeptical. We called and Jack (I guess the owner) gave us the names of several people who had purchased tickets previously.

After talking with them, we decided to go for it. My dad put them all on his credit card. Nothing was charged before the tickets were picked up at will call. The price was exactly what was quoted. We were able to get in to both Epcot and Magic Kingdom, and we got fast passes for all of the rides we wanted. Tickets were 1/2 price. Hope that helps.

Mar 28, 2011
sounds suspicious
by: Anonymous

I emailed them and asked specific questions to which they didn't address...I think any company that charges a 6% surcharge to accept a credit card payment is dubious...They also didn't mention how to pay by cash (which i assumed was an option since they mentioned cards were going to incur a surcharge).

If its too good to be true, it probably is something to avoid.

Mar 06, 2011
All Word
by: Mike

Dad: Thanks for the quick response. I did notice that you could not click on any of the links guess that should have red flagged it to me. The listing is on CL so if anybody else had questions I hope this thread helped. I talked to a gentlemen viz cell tx. Said the tickets were employee sold ones. For WD-MK he would have the tix ready and waiting at will call. no charge to CC until the time they are P/U'ed (how would he know when and what time?) and the Universal would be emailed so that I could print them off. Prices were slashed in half. If anyone has had luck in using this company please let us all know. I find it very interesting!

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