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Allergy friendly restaurants at Walt Disney World

by Angie V
(Branson, MO)

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“Hi Dad!

My youngest is allergic to all nuts. Do you have any information on allergy friendly restaurants or the best places to hit (or avoid).”

Disney is great with dietary issues

The food option table at Satuli Canteen in Animal Kingdom

The chefs at Disney can even tell you about out of this world food – Photo by Brett Svenson

Angie, Disney is very concerned with helping people with dietary issues. They really do a great job of helping everyone who needs special assistance.

The first thing I will tell you is to put your information about allergies onto your reservation. If you make any ADR’s there’s a place to include dietary needs. BE SURE TO FILL THAT OUT.

As to which restaurants to go to or avoid, I can’t think of any you’d have to avoid. You know better than I do about the foods your child can tolerate. Check menus and pick places that have items that will be OK.

Dad’s Disney World Restaurants page

When you get to the restaurant, be sure to let the person that takes your order know that you have a nut allergy. They will be able to tell you or get someone who can tell you what is off limits.

At table service restaurants, it’s not unusual for one of the chefs to come to the table and tell you what items on the menu are good and bad depending on the need. At quick service if an order taker doesn’t know they’ll ask the kitchen.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Walt Disney World is the best place in the world to go for people with dietary challenges. They go out of their way to make sure that allergies are taken care of, that dietary needs are met. It’s really Magic!

Do you have any experience with food allergies and the restaurants at Walt Disney World? Tell us about it below in the comments.


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