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American Idol Experience

The American Idol Experience closed permanently on August 30, 2014 to make way for a brand new attraction - For the First Time In Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along-Celebration.



The American Idol Experience is the newest attraction at Disney Hollywood Studios. Here's you chance to be the next American Idol, or at least American Idol for a day. Just line up, audition, audition again, perform, win, perform again, win ... After a full day you can win an invitation to try out to be on the actual TV show. (Subject to lots of fine print.)



If you don't want to be a contestant, go watch the show. See your friends of family make a spectacle of themselves.

The American Idol

The American Idol ExperiencePhoto by Mike Billick

NOTE: Disney has announced that early 2015 the American Idol Experience will be closed.

The Attraction

The attraction works just like the show you see on TV. There are 2 preliminary rounds (not seen) where contestants are chosen for the days shows. There are several preliminary shows and in the evening one final show where the winners from the preliminary shows face off to be the days big winner.


In each show contestants perform, are judged by judges (that's what judges do), and are voted on by the audience. The contestant that receives the most votes wins. (Simple.)

The Big Prize

Every day there is one big winner. The big winner get ... drum roll please ...


A Dream Ticket to a regional American Idol Tryout. The Dream Ticket allows winners to go to the front of the line at the next seasons regional tryouts. (You must meet the qualification rules. The ticket can be transferred if you don't meet the requirements.)


Yes, you could be the next American Idol.


See video of past American Idol winners talk about the way the attraction works. Watch a Disney World guest as he goes through the process of winning the contest and getting a Dream Ticket to try out to be the next American Idol.



This attraction first opened in Disney Hollywood Studios in February 2009.

Dad's Ride Information Table

American Idol Experience
Description: Watch as guests try to win the big prize
Age Requirement - 14 and older FASTPASS:no Length of Show: Varies
Type of ride: Theater show

Dad's Ratings

2 3 4 3 4

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Disney's American Idol Experience site

Dad's Bottom Line

This is the newest show at Disney Hollywood Studios and with the popularity of American Idol it plays to full houses every performance.