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Animal Kingdom Crowds on Extra Magic Hours days

by Lindsay Rhoderick
(Boonsboro, Maryland)

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“Hi, Dad. I’m a big fan. “Our next trip to Walt Disney World is March 2nd-9th in 2018. With the opening of Pandora, would it be better to visit Animal Kingdom on a day with morning Extra Magic Hours or should we expect the park to be more crowded on an early-open day?

Thanks for the expertise.”

The floating rocks at Pandora in the daytime

Pandora looks pretty cool even in the daylight – Photo by Brett Svenson

Lindsey, you’re welcome. Thanks for the question. Typically, Extra Magic Hour days are busier than regular days. A little bit. We’re not talking going from light to heavy, or really even light to moderate. We’re going light to not quite as light. Yes, a few people will come to morning Extra Magic Hours. That’s why they’re so good, because not many people go to them.

Dad’s Extra Magic Hours page

You can get a lot done in that Extra Magic Hour. Maybe not so much at Animal Kingdom, because at Animal Kingdom, the attractions are longer so you don’t have any “I can get it done quick attractions” like the Magic Kingdom. You can go to the Magic Kingdom and, where the attractions are three, five, six minute attractions and you can get … Seven Dwarfs Mine Train lasts 30 seconds, so you can get a lot done in a little amount of time.

Not so much at Animal Kingdom because the Animal Kingdom attractions take longer. You know, the Safari is a 45 minute trip. The shows, they’re all kind of longer. Yes, Expedition Everest is faster, but you can get in there and get through Pandora and you’ll have your FastPasses. I think it’s probably as good an idea to go during Extra Magic Hour days as not just because you’ve got that special early time that you can get in there and you can get things done.

Dad’s Animal Kingdom page

As for Animal Kingdom and Extra Magic Hours, you can get through with Pandora and probably one more thing or be on, say, the Safari. Then you can have your FastPasses for Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, Dinosaur. You’ll just have to kind of figure that out.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

I think Extra Magic Hours at Animal Kingdom is a really good thing. I think it will help you get through the park quicker even with bigger crowds.


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Nov 20, 2018 Animal Kingdom EMH
by: Rob

Does Animal Kingdom allow EMH guests access into the park before the official EMH hours?

Dad Answers

I think so, but you can only go up to the Tree of Life. Not into where the rides are.

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