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Animation Hall


Animation Hall at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is the hub of activity – you drive up to the building to check in, buy tickets, make reservations, speak with the concierge, eat meals, play games, and shop there.



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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is a great place to relax before or after a long day at the park, or just on a nice relaxing day at the hotel. You'll find shopping, pools, an arcade, play areas, and lots more to help you keep everyone occupied on your perfect Disney World Vacation.

Animation Hall

Outside Animation Hall at the Art of Animation ResortPhoto by WDW Shutterbug

Animation Hall

The check-in counter here is really something special – it’s a huge illuminated rainbow with little kiosks for cast members to serve you instead of one giant counter.  The opposite wall features original artist sketches from the featured movies and shows the progression from concept to completion in the animation process.  


Another cool feature?  Cast members here where a black and white costumer with vests – when you enter at check in you’ll notice the vests are black and white and as you move through animation hall the vests cast members wear get more and more colorful!


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Ink and Paint

Ink and Paint in Animation HallPhoto by Disney Photo Snapper


Next to Landcapes Cafe you’ll find the resort gift shop – The Ink and Paint Shop. You can find Disney’s Art of Animation branded merchandise along with the usual Disney themed souvenirs.

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the Little Mermaid pool at the Art of AnimationPhoto by Disney Photo Snapper


Disney’s Art of Animation has three heated pools.  There’s The Big Blue in the Finding Nemo section just outside Animation Hall which is the largest pool at a Disney resort at 12,000 square feet!  Two quieter pools are located in The Little Mermaid and Cars sections.


The pools are a great place for kids to burn off that last burst of energy before going to bed. Our teenagers loved the freedom of getting away from the parents and going out to the pool, even after a full day in the parks. We parents loved the fact that we could walk out the door and look down and see the kids.

Everything Else

Inside Animation Hall you’ll find the Pixel Play Arcade, featuring lots of video games, prize winning games and fun for the whole family. (We always give the kids some discretionary money and most of it ends up in the hotel arcade)

Outside you'll find the Dropoff Bar where you can purchase snacks and drinks. (Open seasonally.)

Disney, being thoughtful, has even made two laundry rooms available. Oddly enough, they are next to the pools. Bring lots of quarters and a bathing suit.

Child Care
There is no dedicated child care at the Disney's Art of Animation Resort. There are several child care services you can choose from. Here are just a couple that have good reputations

  • All About Kids - In room or in park childcare starting at $13.00 per hour.
  • Super Sitters - In room or accompany to park childcare starting at $14.00 per hour

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Dad's Bottom Line

You’ll never be bored here – in fact, there’s so much to do you may want to hit the parks for a rest! (Just kidding, but there sure is a lot happening at this resort!)