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Another DVC Resort? Really?

by Dad
(The Office)

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Last week Disney announced that they are building a brand new Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resort at the old River Country location. What??? Huh? Really?

Do we really need another DVC Resort? I dunno about that.

DVC Resorts are Popular

The Bungalow at the Polynesian Resort Bungalows and Villas

The Bungalows at the Polynesian are great but very expensive – Photo by Brett Svenson

Yes, I know Disney Vacation Club Resorts are very popular and yes, I know all about all the DVC Resorts being booked up for the last few months. But over the last 5 years pretty much all of the new hotel construction has been DVC related.

Dad’s Disney Vacation Club page

The new DVC Resorts since 2013 –

  • Villas at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
  • Polynesian Villas and Bungalows
  • Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at the Wilderness Lodge

Under Construction –

  • Rivera Resort
  • Yet to be named Resort where River Country used to be

Non DVC Resort construction since 2013 –

  • The new yet to be named tower at the Coronado Springs Resort that will have 500 convention rooms

That’s a bunch of new DVC rooms and not very may non-DVC rooms. In fact with all the rooms at the Polynesian Village, Coronado Springs, Wilderness Lodge and Caribbean Beach Resort that were either removed for new construction or converted to DVC there has been a pretty significant net loss of regular hotel rooms at WDW. Probably close to 1,000.

Maybe You Should Consider

Cars area of the Art of Animation Resort

Not a lot of “value rooms” at the Art of Animation Resort- Photo by Rich Ramos

Hey Disney, you might want to consider something different.

It’s been 15 years since the last real Value Resort opened.

Dad’s Value Resorts page

Instead of building those big dollar DVC Resorts, the bazillion dollar projects like Golden Oaks, how about a hotel that costs under $100 per night. You know like Universal did.

Yes, a cheap hotel. A hotel for the little guy. A hotel for us normal people. The Value Resorts are great but there just aren’t enough Value Resort level rooms. What are the first hotels that fill up? What are the hotels with the highest occupancy rate even with HUGE room numbers?

It’s the Value Resorts. DUH!

What do you think would happen with a Value/Value Resort?

Bring Balance

The outside of the All Star Movies Resort

Time for another real Value Resort – Photo by Andy Sanchez

Disney, for the last several years you have started to get a reputation as only thinking about the rich. All the price increases, all the new high end Resorts, everything you’ve done for a long time has been geared toward those who are willing to shell out the big bucks.

It’s time to bring a little balance back to prices at Walt Disney World and a Value/Value, a $100 per night hotel would go a long way to breaking the string of ever more expensive Resorts popping up around WDW.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Come on Disney bring a little balance (and sanity) back to Resort prices. Give us working stiffs a chance to share in the Most Magical Place on Earth.

If you build it we will come.


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Dec 02, 2018 Poor Mom
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with if you want to keep the crowd control down , then building another hotel , but not another park , kind of defeats this purpose. And I also agree that the cost is outrageous. We have been to WDW 3 times now , the last trip being in 2011. The average then was approx. $100 per day per person (food & lodging included). We stayed at Pop Century. The trip before that , we stay at Port Orleans Riverside. In 2015 , we stayed at the Disney Beach Resort in Hilton Head. And in 33 days , we will be on our very first Disney cruise. So exciting. But have been looking at booking another trip back to WDW , since it has been awhile , & the price has doubled. It went from $100 per day per person , to $200 now. That is insane. I work two jobs & my husband works three. We struggle every year to give our family a nice vacation , but we cannot afford a Disney vacation more than once every four years or so. These families that go every year , I am not sure how they do it. But something that helps the middle class family enjoy this luxury also , would be nice. I believe that when Walt Disney himself created this park himself , his primary focus was on families. Now it is on money. They need to get back to the true meaning.

Nov 05, 2018 New resort
by: Hollie

Honestly I think we have enough resorts. You can’t move or drive around now there is so much going on. They are taking away land that is viewed from the Wilderness lodge and adding a new resort next to a campground which makes no sense. Yes, add another value resort but make part DVC so we don’t have to use all of our points just to stay a couple of nights. It is very hard to get a reservation now, almost impossible sometimes and I rarely stay at my home resort, the Beach Club since it is so very popular, but I don’t always want to stay there. Just stop building for a little while. Too congested.

Nov 05, 2018 Supply and demand
by: Ed

Probably the best thing I learned in my Economics class was the theory of supply and demand. As long as the consumers (that’s us) keep filling up these rooms, the more they (Disney) is going to build. Being a DVC Member myself (I can’t believe Dad isn’t one), I can tell you from first hand experience it is not always possible to get your home Resort 11 months out and almost impossible at 7 months. So we need more capacity so us DVC members can keep enjoying their properties.

Nov 03, 2018 Disney Doesn’t Care
by: Anonymous

Disney doesn’t care about those who have been going for years, because those people remember when Disney was all about customer service. If you want that service you enjoyed years ago, you’ll need to stay club level and then at least you’re guaranteed 6 rides with minimal wait.
There is no way WDW would build another value resort, they don’t care about those scrimping to come visit. They want those people who come once for the once in a lifetime time trip and pull out all the stops and spend all the money.
We have a trip planned this spring and then we’ll done done for the next 4 years or so.

Nov 02, 2018 Too much
by: Laurie

This is the first year in 15 years I haven’t been to WDW. Just to expensive…..$3k for 2 people, 5 nights at a Moderate. (With DP and 4 day MYW tix). Instead, we spent 10 days in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains for 1/2 that cost….including eating out everyday, a beautiful 2 BR cabin with hot tub, gas, and souvenirs. We had a wonderful vacation but still makes me sad that Disney Corp. is pricing itself out of the market for many families. I know several other longtime Disney families that have skipped going this year due to cost.

Nov 02, 2018 You got that right
by: Big Al

Right on Dad, a Disney trip is awesome and fun but way overpriced. A typical family flying in and staying on property will spend thousands of dollars for the experience. Seems Disney raised prices to lower crowd levels but its still crowded all the time unless you pay even more for a hard ticket event. They are raking in the dough.
DVC does not make economical sense for most people but Disney is pushing it hard. Build some rooms for the average family.

Nov 02, 2018 September Crash
by: James Locke

This September I had a great time at Disney world. Despite the Disney rides crashing 7 times I had a great time with the visitors. But with the parks becoming more crowded I don’t think it is wise for Disney to have many failed rides. Those other people needs to get on those rides as soon as possible. All Disney needs is a brand new Park.

Nov 02, 2018 Yes… VALUE
by: RT

I’m with you DAD. I was hoping to get a weekend trip for the Christmas events. With the price increases it’s making it tougher on the ones that would like to do a long weekend.

Nov 02, 2018 Family Vacation Minimized
by: Anonymous

We took our children for four straight years to Disney when they were young. Though we couldn’t afford to stay on site we found many affordable hotels outside. Now that our kids are grown and we have two young grandsons that we would love to experience that magic, it seems impossible. Walt Disney wanted families to enjoy his creation, but due to monetary greed, only the privileged rich and they’re children have a chance. I don’t agree with the statement we should raise the prices higher to cut down on crowds. I would love to stay on site once with my grandsons and give them the trip they deserve

Nov 02, 2018 DVC is nice but…
by: Anonymous

I’m a DVC member and I’m looking forward to this resort so much! It doesn’t sound like it will be DVC exclusive, so there will just be a block of rooms that are primarily for DVC use. The rest of the resort would still be open to anyone, just like WL, Poly and the rest. That being said, I agree another value resort would be nice as I think Disney is pricing out so many families. I can only afford DVC now because I DON’T have any small children anymore, and when your kids are younger is exactly when you WANT to travel there the most! Even better would be for Disney to use the money to add another gate. Yes, they are adding new areas, but they are mostly just re-purposing space in pre-existing parks. I wish they would have turned Star Wars into an entirely new park. A completely immersive Star Wars experience park would take some of the crowd burden off the rest of the parks and make adding the hotels more sensible. It also might justify the huge price increases in everything a bit better, or at least make it easier to swallow. :/

Nov 02, 2018 D.B.
by: Anonymous

Disney should increase the square footage of their parks every time they build another resort to hold guests. It really just makes sense. It’s not like they build SMALL resorts. Add another thousand rooms, add enough park space to accommodate that.

Nov 02, 2018 its been fun
by: Anonymous

coming in november will be last time prices keep going up cant aford you no more am retired gess you dont care about us older people ive been to disneyland disney world several times it s been fun but its over good by

Nov 02, 2018 Surely you jest.
by: Tom H.

Dad, you do your readers a dis-service calling this a DVC resort. Sure, it will have a DVC component just like most (all?) of the Deluxe resorts. If I recall correctly, the only true DVC resorts are Old Key West and Saratoga Springs. In addition, a lot of the “new” DVC construction you site has really been conversion of Deluxe rooms into DVC rooms. It is also misleading to imply that “DVC” rooms can not be had by “cash” buyers. Often a “Deluxe” accommodation can be had for a lower price by “renting Points”. Now if you want to retitle your article to “Another Deluxe Resort?” You might be a little more truthful, but I suppose less provocative.
During the twenty year time span that our children were growing up, we took exactly two trips to Disney World. The first time, we stayed off property because there were no “value” rooms on property. The second trip, we got a package deal to stay at Disney Villas (now the site of Saratoga Springs) and enjoyed it so much that we extended our stay to a FOURTH night.
Now, I wouldn’t mind if Disney added a fourth, fifth, or even sixth gate and more on-property rooms at all price points. But to expect Disney to develop some of what is currently the most prime property into value resorts is really quite unrealistic.

Nov 02, 2018 Build a new park
by: John

A new Theme park would do well also. With all the hotel space, guests have no where to go. Disney seems to not be thinking like they did in the past. We went last May and I will say, No more for a while. Too much intrusion from security and too much hassle for the fun. I will spend my money other places now

Nov 02, 2018 Me too
by: Anonymous

Even for those who live in Florida the price is getting outrageous. It shouldn’t be a place that only rich people can go to . I hate that you now have to pay for parking

Nov 02, 2018 from UK
by: George

WE have been to wdw now 8 times since 2005. Just returned from Orlando back to UK. We found this time to be the most crowded and wait times of 30-40 mins most of the time. Fast Pass waits also seemed a longer time. The cost keeps going up. I know we get a decent package with $ gift cards etc BUT…………
In 2010 the cost for two weeks at a moderate was £3200 for us (Port Orleans Riverside). Next year it will be about £6000. The cost in the value resorts are up also.I am sorry folks but Avatar and Slinky does not make up for the closures and extra cost.

Nov 02, 2018 Expensive
by: Anonymous

We have taken our kids twice, but it is such an expensive endeavor that it will probably be a long while before we can afford to go back. We stayed off site, stayed at a couple nice townhouses, but would like to stay on site with the kids for the experience, just can’t get a room, or it’s too expensive. Would love to have another value option. Or another world nearer to WI!

Nov 02, 2018 Build Luxurious Hotels and Keep Raising Prices!
by: Nikki B

If Disney offered resort rooms at $100 a night, the parks will be filled to capacity on a daily basis. It’s unbearable even before it reaches capacity.

The crowds would be more dreadful than they are now.

I don’t know what the solution is. But I work hard and save money for each of my Disney trips. It’s a reward that I give myself.

And because of that, I’d much rather pay more for rooms and tickets, than to push myself through thousands of adults, children, strollers and ECVs, waiting hours for ride and never getting a dining reservation.

Don’t hate me, but I say raise the prices on everything and make the magic magical again.

Nov 02, 2018 Enough with the big dollar resorts
by: Guy

I agree completely that middle income families are being priced out of trips to WDW. The never ending price increases & charging for “perks” that used to come with staying on grounds, have adversely impacted the affordability of a WDW vacation. Walt founded his company on four core principles-Dream, Believe, Dare, Do. But Walt also knew that it would take one more core value to be successful over the long run-Love/Respect-for his product, his “Cast”, & his “Guests”. Modern day Disney Corp. has completely abandoned Walt’s dream of creating the “Most Magical Place on Earth” to be enjoyed by as many families as possible.

Nov 02, 2018 Exclusive club
by: Anonymous

I would not be surprised if Disney demanded all guests staying on property be a DVC member. DVC membership would be in tiers similar to fastpasses, so the value resorts can be an option.
Oops. Did I type that out loud? Hope the powers that be didn’t hear that.

Nov 02, 2018 exactly
by: Leslie

Totally agree. I’ve never stayed in a value resort because they are always full! We stay off site typically, but on occasion stay onsite and we usually stay at CBR, which is nice since you can see EPCOT’s fireworks from the main pool area. I was at Disney for the Princess Half Marathon and Spring Break this year; I have to say I am good on the Disney experience for a while! There has been so much change, it just doesn’t have the same feeling. The fact that the prices of EVERYTHING keeps going up, and staying on site is getting to be too much for us common folk, it’s going to be a while until we go back probably.

Nov 02, 2018 Disney Magic
by: Jack

We’ve been faithful Disney World guests since 1975 having made hundreds of visits and countless $$$ spent. But we are sad that Disney Magic only exists in our memory. Today it’s a big business driven by profit for profits sake only. They need another theme park to handle the overwhelming crowds not another hotel. One cast member once made a comment to me that has become so true….if there’s a penny left in your pocket when you leave Disney World they will find a way to make you spend it.

Nov 02, 2018 Getting to expensive ???
by: Anonymous

I totally agree!!!! As a solo traveler to WDW, even I find it is getting to expensive for one person to even stay on-site at any of the Resort Hotels. I have not been to WDW since 2016 since it has become almost to expensive to vacation at all at WDW with all the price increases. Another “real” Value Resort on property would be great!! I cannot imagine how a family vacations at WDW nowadays since the costs are so high…….

Nov 02, 2018 Build more park capacity
by: David

In my opinion, Disney needs to create more park capacity before they add any more resorts— value or not. The parks are already so crowded, and more resorts just means yet more people trying to squeeze into the same number of park attractions. The modest expansions of HS and MK simply aren’t enough. They need a fifth park.

Nov 02, 2018 Value resorts
by: Roseann

Great idea for a hotel we could afford. $100 a night would give more people a chance to enjoy the Disney magic.

Nov 02, 2018 Agree
by: Ann

You are spot on! We own an off property vacation club that we stay at yearly, but like to stay on property for shorter trips. Only did that once this year at Pop Century due to the Disney room prices.

Nov 02, 2018 value
by: jerry

there are no value rooms at any value resort , i can get a room at Coronado resort cheaper then i can get a room at the value resorts , and i much prefer to stay at the Coronado then at the value resorts , you get more for your $$.

Nov 01, 2018 right on Dad!
by: Anonymous

The value resorts are now just “relative” to rooms going for $500/night!
It’s crazy!
The middle income family is being priced out of yearly trips.
Expect to spend with flight, food, tickets and one room easily $4000.00/week.
I guess Iger has lost touch with what normal people can afford and he’s just looking for big corporate events.
Then locals are subsidized by the corporations which leaves the rest of us non-FL residents out in the cold.


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