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Another Jersey Week Question


by pete


What is Jersey week and will it affect crowd levels to much?

Dad’s don’t worry about it Answer



Jersey Week at Disney World is one of those urband legends. A myth that grows bigger every time someone talks about it.


It’s usually the first week or so of November. The New Jersey schools are out for teacher conferences or something and according to the legend everyone in New Jersey goes to Disney World.


Dad talks about Jersey Week


The truth is that crowd levels are low that week. There is no effect. It’s a great time to come over from jolly old England and spend some of those Euros in the colonies.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Yes, everyone out there talks about Jersey Week as if it’s the busiest time of the year. You might think, reading what everyone writes, that Dad is crazy, but Dad has eyewitness accounts confirming his beliefs.


Trust me.


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May 02, 2011 jersey week
by: pete (England) Thanks for your answer Dad,Just one thing we still have the good old British Pound to spend not the Euro!!

Many Thanks



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