Another Removal at Disney's Hollywood Studios?

Another Removal at Disney's Hollywood Studios?

Rumors swirled last night about the removal of a Bill Cosby bust at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Orlando Sentinel provided information that the sculpture was to be removed after the park closed last evening.

Disney made no further comments, but it is reported that court documents (which remained sealed until Monday) revealed that Bill Cosby testified in 2005 to drugging women. An online petition gained notice, and Disney apparently worked quickly to remove Cosby from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Wow. What to say? I grew up as a really big fan of Bill Cosby. He was really big when Dad was a lad. I still remember a lot of his comedy bits. I can still recite them all.

That being said, Disney did the right thing. Maybe they should put up another bust of Uncle Walt. You can never have too much Uncle Walt.

Inside the Magic reportedly has pictures showing the empty pedestal on which the bust sat. Anyone in the park today to confirm?

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