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Any tips to avoid crowds when Toy Story Land opens?

by Michelle
(Akron Ohio)

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“We are going to Disney the first week of August, staying at Saratoga Springs in a one-bedroom villa. We will be buying a four day non-Park Hopper, going with three kids ages 7, 8, and 15. Do you have any tips for us? We also want to see Toy Story Land, but the Magic Hours are the day we arrive and the day we leave. Any suggestions on how to avoid the crowds, or should I use FastPass for all the rides there?”

Alien Saucer Swirl

Alien Saucer Swirl Concept Art – Courtesy of Disney

Hi, Michelle. Congratulations. You’re going to Disney World. It’s going to be so much fun. Let’s talk about tips.

First off, I have a whole book full of tips on how to plan a Walt Disney World vacation. It’s a really good book. It’s probably the best planning Disney World planning book out there. I say that very humbly, but it really is. It’s really a good book.

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In my book, when it comes to big tips, probably the most important tips about crowds you’ll see are my three simple rules for beating the crowds: Number 1, get to the parks early. Number 1A, have a plan. You’ve got to have a plan. Number 2, ride the busy rides first. Number 3, know how to use FastPass+.

But, you know, there are hundreds of tips in the book about planning your vacation. When it comes to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Toy Story Land, that’s going to be a big challenge. I can imagine even September, and certainly in August, the crowds are still going to be pretty big.

Dad’s August Crowds Page

Yeah, it’s going to be hot. It’s going to be hot while you’re there, but you already know that, I’m sure.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to be very busy at that time. Really, Toy Story Land is going to be overrun. What I will say about Extra Magic Hours, if they do anything like they did with the opening of Pandora, they will extend more of these into August. In June and July, they’re doing Extra Magic Hours every day, every morning. I think that will be extended into August, probably into September too, but at least into August. I think you’ll be able to get more dates with Extra Magic Hours even in August.

Dad’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios Page

But that being said, don’t know about FastPasses yet… how FastPass+ is going to work for the new Slinky Dog roller coaster, or how Slinky Dog’s going to work with Alien Saucer Swirl and with Toy Story Mania. It may be that you can only make one FastPass+ for those three rides. They’re going to be two and three hour waits for those rides, even right when the parks open in the first week of August. It’s just going to be busy.

You’ve got to get there early, and you’ve got to have a plan. Make any FastPass+ you can for that area. Just make whatever you can get. If you can get Slinky Dog, get Slinky Dog. If you can get Toy Story Mania, get Toy Story Mania. Even if you can get the Alien ride, get the Alien ride, because you’re probably only going to be able to get one of those. I’d go Slinky Dog first, Toy Story second, and the Alien ride third, but get a FastPass+ for one of those, and do that for the afternoon.

Dad’s FastPass+ Page

Here’s what I’d do in an ideal world: go first thing in the morning, ride the Alien Saucer Swirl first. Then you try to ride either Slinky Dog or Toy Story, whichever one you don’t have a FastPass+ for. Get those done first thing in the morning before the crowds get there, the earlier the better.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, for tips, check out the book. The book has all kinds of tips. The website, there’s 2500 pages on the website of tips and tricks and questions and answers. For Hollywood Studios, get there as early as you can. Get your FastPasses if you can, and just get that Toy Story Land done as quickly as you can.


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