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Apology to Dad’s little Princess

Dear Princess,

I’m sorry we never took you to the Princess Character Breakfast at Akershus in the Norway Pavilion. Yes, it started in 2002 and you were in you late teens at the time, but that’s no excuse. We should have dressed you up in a fancy Princess dress and dressed your brother (The Man-Child) up in some sword wielding Prince costume, and put a crown on my head, since I am the king of all I survey, and paraded on our white horses into EPCOT for a magical meal with all of those Disney Princesses. (You would have been so cute.)

I can’t remember why we didn’t do this, but now I’m regretting it.

So I just wanted to drop you a not and say – SORRY


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  1. YES dad I will forgive you this time for it. But do you really think at 18 I would want to go to it and you could have wrestled the 13 year old Man-Child into a prince costume remember he is bigger and stronger than you.

    The Princess

    PS Next time we go I want to go to the lunch one.

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