April Fools Day... Sale?

April Fools Day... Sale?

by Dad


Yes, that's right. Today is April Fools Day and Dad is having a crazy $10 Sale! Not it's not a joke! Dad has up and gone crazy!

Dad's big April Fools Day Sale

Here's the scoop. On April Fools Day, you can get all Dad's Cool Stuff (and Dad has a bunch of Cool Stuff) for $10 off Now that's CRAZY!

Here's how...

WDW Magazine cover pictures

Let's start with WDW Magazine.

Get a $10 off a one year subscription to WDW Magazine with the coupon code AprilFools. How cool is that. Just go to the WDW Magazine sign up page and get started today.

Oh, it just keeps getting better...

How about a Wall Calendar or a Best of WDW - Volume 1?

Disneyland Secrets Calendar, The Best of WDW - Volume 1 and Walt Disney World Calendar

Take $10 off any or all the calendars and copies of Best of WDW - Volume 1 by using the code AprilFools (sound familiar) when you purchase at The Best of WDW Store.

We're not done yet.

WDW Discount Club logo

This one is a biggie. This is the best Discount you can get because it's a Discount on Discounts. Yep, we're talking about the WDW Discount Club.

Get $10 off, I can't believe I'm doing this, a one year subscription to the WDW Discount Club with the code (can you guess?) AprilFools, when you check out on the WDW Discount Club page.

Dad's Crazy $10 April Fools Day Sale will save you a bunch. Get going!!!!

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