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April or June at Walt Disney World

by Carl
(Cardiff, Wales, UK)


Help, I have a vacation booked staying at Saratoga Springs last two Weeks in May 2012. There are 5 of us, 3 adults and 2 children. We are traveling from the UK but have just found out that due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot travel during May, so we have to re-book our Walt Disney World trip for April or June, can you please advise which month is best. Many Thanks the Harry family.

Dragon at the China Pavilion during the International Flower and Garden Festival

April vs. June at Disney World Photo by Jeff_B.


Dad’s great name Answer

Carl, (love that name)


It sounds like a simple question, should you visit Walt Disney World in April or June? What could be easier. It’s just not all that simple.


The reason it’s not simple is April and June are months were crowds vary widely depending on what week you are talking about. For example, in early April spring break crowds will still be around and I would avoid that time. However mid to late April, crowds are moderate to light and the weather is just about perfect. This is a great time to visit.


If you look at Dad’s 2011 April Disney World Crowd calendar you’d say, hey Dad, what are you talking about? You predicted big crowds in late April. Yes, but … (don’t you just love that word) that’s because of Easter coming so late in the year. In 2012, Easter is April 8. So the Easter crowds will be much earlier and the April Crowds will be much smaller.

Dad’s April Disney World crowds page


June is another month with a story. Toward the end of June summer crowds start showing up and the parks get busy. The temperatures also go skyrocketing up. Early June is a little problematic with Gay Days. (The dates for 2012 are May 29 – June 4.) You might want to avoid that time too.

Dad’s June 2011 Disney World crowd page


Another good source for crowd information is They will already have their crowd projections up for next year. They will even tell you which park is the best to visit on each day of your trip. Yes, you’ll have to subscribe, but it’s well worth it.

Dad’s page

Disney World Events


There are some Disney World events that might influence your decision. In April there is the International Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT. It’s a beautiful show with some great happenings and some great music.

Dad’s International Flower and Garden Festival page


In June, you have Star Wars Weekends for the first couple of weekends. If you are a fan of the Star Wars movies, it’s a blast.

Dad’s Star Wars Weekend page

Dad’s Bottom Line

Carl, (I just love saying that name) whether you decide on you’ll have a great time. We’re talking minor little differences on which month is better. If you could go in late April that would be the best. My second choice would be to check in on June 5. I hope this helps.


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