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Are Key to the World Cards Transferable?


Hi we have booked a holiday to stay with Disney through an airline in Oct. One of our party can not go and has paid. The airline will not let you change names on booking so I was wondering if someone else got a flight over can they use the other persons key to the world? Is it done on fingerprints or name? It seems a shame to let all the food and park entry go to waste. Thanks





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Dad’s Leave it to the Mouse Answer




I’m sorry to hear about the circumstances you’re experiencing – it’s a very unfortunate way to start your magical vacation! It’s always a pain to make changes to your travel arrangements, but lucky for you Walt Disney World is one of the most accommodating destinations imaginable! They always try to go above and beyond for their guests, and in this case, they should be able to help you, no sweat!


Airlines and their policies can be tricky. But in this case, if they won’t let you make your adjustments, just leave it to the Mouse! All you need to worry about from this point out is finding someone to join you on your trip, and then the folks at Disney will take care of the rest. Key to the World Cards can be changed after purchase but before activation – once a card is activated it’s tied to both a name and a fingerprint!


As soon as you have the name of the person who is swapping out for the person who can’t make it, call Disney directly – they can change your booking up to a few days before you arrive! Your airline should have provided you with your Disney confirmation number, and if you call Disney with that number you’ll be able to change the name on your booking that is in their computer system without any hassle.


By the way – that magical little Disney reservation number can be used to login to the Walt Disney World website. Just login to My Disney Vacation, click on “locate reservations,” type in your reservation number, and bibbidi bobbidi boo – your reservation will show up in your Disney profile, and you can add any Advanced Dining Reservations you may make to your account too and have everything in one neat little bundle.


This should all be easy and simple from this point out, but you should have used Destinations to Travel – they always know how to fix the roadblocks that pop up and threaten to ruin the most Perfect Vacation Ever. Next time, consider letting the pros help! They’ll take all the hassle out of your trip – trust me.


Destinations to Travel Page


Dad’s Bottom Line


Catherine, everything is going to be a-okay. The folks at Disney understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and with their help, your reservation will soon be right as rain. Now go on – find someone to share some magical memories with!


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