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Are the Marvel Avengers in the parks at Disney World?

by Willie
(Fort Smith, AR)

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“Hey Dad!!

I am in the midst of planning our family vacation to Disney World in June 2019 and I was wondering if there are any of the Avengers located in any of the parks? From what I am seeing when I google it looks like the Avengers are not allowed to be in Disney World because of a contract with Comcast.

Thanks in advance!

Avengers in the Parks? Well maybe

Willie, my first reaction is to say a definite no. Because of the contract with Comcast/Universal, Disney is not allowed to put any of the Marvel comic characters, well most of the Marvel comic characters in the parks. I’m not exactly sure how that wording works because there are a couple of Marvel characters in the parks right now and that’s where the answer might just be yes because there’s something coming that might change this answer.

On April 26 the Guardians of the Galaxy, join the Avengers. That’s right, if you’ve seen the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, you know what I’m talking about.

I don’t know if the Guardians are going to be really Avengers but they are going to be in the Infinity War movie and they are actually in the parks right now. Baby Groot and Star Lord have a meet and greet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. So if you consider the Guardians to be Avengers they yes, the Avengers are in the parks at Disney World.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Unfortunately, until Disney throws enough money at Universal to get them to change the contract or Disney just decides to force the issue, we won’t see any of the legacy Marvel hero’s in the parks.

Black Panther maybe, and the Guardians are here and coming in force with the new rollercoaster in EPCOT.

Hope springs eternal.


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Comments for

Apr 22, 2018 Marvel characters
by: Anonymous

We saw Captain America and Spider Man at Disneyland

Dad Answers

Yes, the Marvel characters are fine at Disneyland. The contract with Universal only applies to the East Coast.

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