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Are there Elevators at the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa?


Does Sarasota Springs have Elevators?


Dad’s You Betcha Answer


There’s one thing that you can always count on from a Walt Disney World resort hotel. Actually, there are many things like a family-friendly environment, cleanliness, a fair amount of convenience, and even a little touch of magic. But the one I was talking about specifically is accessibility. All the resorts you’ll find on property make a special effort to accommodate their guest with accessibility issues, and that starts with elevators!


Elevators can be found at each Walt Disney World resort hotel. Whether the rooms are in one big building like a traditional hotel (such as at the Contemporary Resort or Wilderness Lodge Resort) or spread out into smaller buildings scattered around the property (like you’ll find at the Pop Century Resort or Caribbean Beach Resort), you’ll find there are elevators to accommodate you.


The only exception to this is the Niue longhouse at the Polynesian Resort, but guests can use the elevator at the Rarotonga longhouse and use a connecting walkway to access the Niue longhouse and …


All of that being said, the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa does have a unique elevator situation. As a Disney Vacation Club resort (that’s the timeshare arm of Disney), the villa buildings on property are spread out and they all have elevators, except for the Treehouse Villas (where would you put an elevator in a treehouse anyway?). But not to worry, Disney provides ramp access to all of the Treehouse Villas to accommodate guests with mobility concerns.


If you’re concerned at all about the type of access your room will have, call the resort in advance and ask to speak to the back office at the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. You’ll be able to make a request (they won’t be able to guarantee) to receive a ground level room. Remind the Cast Member checking you in that this was your request – they’ll do their very best to accommodate you!


In any case, I’m glad to hear you’re doing the research on your resort amenities prior to your trip, Dad knows all to well how nerve racking to can be to not know if you’ll find elevators or even a hairdryer in your room (you will).


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Dad’s Bottom Line


The Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa definitely has elevators, and I can promise you they are a lot less scary than ones you’ll find at the Tower of Terror!


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Aug 22, 2015 cbr
by: Anonymous To my knowledge Caribbean beach does not have elevators. We stayed on the second floor and had to take the stairs (2014). The person checking us in even asked if that was ok

May 02, 2015 Disney Old key West resort does not have elevators.
by: Anonymous Not all the buildings in the Disney Old Key West Resort have Elevators. Two of the newer buildings do, but you have older building with three stories and only stair access.

Jul 12, 2012 Elevators @ Port Orleans Riverside
by: David Sorry Dad but the Alligator Bayou section of our favorite resort Port Orleans Riverside has no elevators.

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