Are There Pool Towels at the Pop?

We Are staying at Pop Century in May – Are towels provided at the pools? How far is the walk to the Art of Animation Resort?

hippy dippy pool

Taking a dip in the pool is a great way to spend an afternoon at WDW – Photo by Judd Helms

Dad’s Snappy Answer

Hi there, first, let me say that you are going to LOVE the Pop Century. It’s Dad’s home resort at Disney World, and other than the Polynesian Village (which isn’t in the budget too often!) it’s my favorite place to stay in the whole wide world. I’ve spent plenty of time at the Pop, so your questions will be a snap!

First thing to know about the pools – there at 3 of them at the Pop Century Resort. The biggest is the Hippie Dippy Pool, located in the middle of the 60’s section, right outside classic hall. This pool is great if you are looking for upbeat music, fun activities, or want to be close to Petals Pool Bar, Everything Pop (for resort mug refills) or the laundry facilities (doing a load of laundry while you play in the pool is a great time saver). It’s also near a wading pool for little ones.

The other two pools are the Computer Pool (located in the 80’s/90’s section) and the Bowling Pin Pool (located in the 50’s section). These pools are smaller (though not small by any standard) and don’t have games or fountains. There is some light background music you’ll hear if you’re lounging on the chairs. There isn’t much difference between these two, but there is a laundry facility at the Computer Pool if that interests you.

Anyone staying at the Pop Century can use any of these pools, so it’s just up to you how far you want to walk and what kind of pool experience you want to have.

As far as towels go – they are NOT provided at the pool, you’ll need to bring them from your room. But, there are drop off stations for wet towels so you can leave towels at the pool instead of bringing them all soggy back to your room. To get fresh towels in your room, just call up housekeeping on your in room phone and they’ll be sent over in a jiffy.

The towels at the Pop aren’t huge, so if you like a nice fluffy beach towel for pool time, bring one from home or buy a fun Disney one at Everything Pop that can double as a souvenir.

ink and paint shop

The Art of Animation is just a quick walk away- Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

The walk to the Art of Animation isn’t far at all, but it depends on where you’re starting from. From Classic Hall to Animation Hall, I’d say it’s about a 10 minute stroll. Maybe less if you’re power walking, or more if you’ve got little kiddos in tow. If you’re starting from one of the back rooms in the 80’s section or the 50’s section, add on 5 minutes.

It’s a real nice walk through the 60’s buildings up to Hourglass Lake and Across the Generation Gap Bridge, then through the Finding Nemo buildings. It’s a straight shot, you can’t get lost. Walking around the Art of Animation is really neat – they’ve done a great job creating lots of photo opportunities. And it’s nice to have another gift shop and food court so close if you feel like trying something different.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

You’re going to have a terrific time at the Pop Century – almost everyone I meet just loves it!

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by: Anonymous

There is a laundry facility by all three of POP pools. The Bowling Pin pool is our favorite. Once when we stayed there, rolling carts of towels were stationed near the pools during the whole week we were there. But that was only that one trip.

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