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Are we CrAzY for spending Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom?

by CL

Hey there! Love your website!

My family is heading to Orlando on Christmas Eve, can you suggest a great dining experience?

Also, my husband thinks I am nuts for wanting to bring a small stroller for our 4 year old (we are heading going to spend Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom), what is your suggestion?


Dad’s yep Answer


Thanks for the kind words and let me say as gently as I can … Going to the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day is CRAZY, nuts, certifiable, off your rocker … Whew, Dad feels better.

This is such a big deal that Dad has decided to do a whole page on Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom.

Dad’s Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom page.

But on to your other questions.

First, where to eat on Christmas Eve. If you don’t have Advanced Dining Reservations you might find it hard to get a table at any of the full service restaurants in the Disney World complex.

I looked at Christmas Eve and there are a few reservations still available. Most of them are at restaurants that have inconsistent reviews. If you can eat early or late you might stand a better chance.

I don’t know what you think about sushi, but if it were me, I’d go to the Kona Cafe sushi bar and get something there You can usually order anything off the Kona Cafe menu without any reservations. An alternative would be one of the restaurants at Downtown Disney. For example, Wolfgang Puck Express or maybe the Earl of Sandwich.

Second, about the stroller. Every kid under the age of 6, and maybe 8 probably should have a stroller at Disney World. Yep 6 and maybe 8. We don’t notice it so much, but on a normal day at the parks you will walk about 5 miles. (That’s why you don’t gain weight at Disney World.) For the little ones, it’s like walking 10-15 miles. So yes, they need a stroller. It also makes a good place to store things.

HOWEVER, a stroller on Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom might be more hassle than it’s worth. Crowds can be so big you spend the whole day shoulder to shoulder. But, on the other hand, a stroller could help give you a little more space.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Strollers, a must. Special Dinners – not without reservations.

PS if this is for next year, I’d suggest trying to get Cinderella’s Royal Table or one of the Princess meals at Akershus.

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