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Are you a Disney Vacation Club member?

by Tims
(Conyers, GA)


Is it worth the investment?

Olivia's Restaurant at the Old Key West Resort

The original Disney Vacation Club (Old Key West) – Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s only in my dreams Answer


The short answer is no, I’m not a member of the Disney Vacation Club, and maybe it’s worth the investment.

Not satisfied, keep reading.

From the time the first Disney Vacation Club Resort was built, (oddly enough it was called the Disney Vacation Club but now they call it Old Key West) I’ve wanted to join. I just never could justify the money. It’s a lot of money and I’ve never just had $12,000 (about the price when the program was introduced) or more just lying around waiting to be spent on a vacation.

Is the Disney Vacation Club worth it? That depends.

The Disney Vacation Club works on a points system. You purchase points and “spend” these points to make your hotel reservation at one of the DVC hotels. It’s a great system because you have lots of flexibility.

Dads’s Disney Vacation Club page

The points are yours for a number of years (originally it was 50, but depending on the resort you buy in, it could be as few as 29). On top of the points purchase there is a yearly maintenance fee you have to pay.

So to figure out if it’s worth it, you have to figure out how often you are going to go to Disney World in the future. Then you figure out how much your accommodations would cost and compare that to how much the DVC points would cost.

Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of work. Yes, I’ll make it easy for you.

It all boils down to if you stay in the Value Resorts the All Stars, Pop Century or Art of Animation Resorts (Family Suites excluded) then no, you won’t be able to justify it even if you go every year.

If you go to Disney World every year and if you stay in the Family Suites, Moderates or Deluxe Resorts every year then yes, it might make sense. If you go every other year, then you have to bump that up to the Deluxe Resorts to make it work.

If you always stay in a Deluxe Resort and you plan to go to Disney World every year or every other year for the next 30 years, then yes, it’s worth the investment.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Tims, the Disney Vacation Club is expensive. I have several friends (two are penny pinching accountants) that have points and they go multiple times every year. They love it.

I keep telling Mrs. Mom she should have let me buy in back when it was $48 per point, but oh, well.

Comments for

Nov 23, 2013 GET DVC

We live in Hawaii and took a tour of the Disney Aulani Resort and fell in love with it. We are WDW fans and if you are as we are the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership is great. It is hard to fork over thousands of dollars for vacation time that you don’t see planed in the years to come but it is soooo worth it. We live in Honolulu but every now and then we just book a stay vacation and hang out in a one bedroom villa to get away from the everyday schedule. The rooms are great and feel more like a apartment than a one room hotel. I mean you can get a studio that sleeps 4 or a suite that sleeps 12.
It is also great when we visit WDW to stay at a DW resort right next to the park and enjoy the benefits of having a resort style place to stay especially when you see the daily rental price for non DVC members. The DVC membership also makes us take vacation instead of pondering for years to plan one.

Sep 07, 2013 DVC
by: sandy

I too have been on the Dis Boards trying to determine if the DVC is a good purchase in general… Here’s my thought or (rant).

Purchasing the required points, at the point cost of today) Yearly Maintenance fees that increase, cost of RCI, Taxes, Closing costs, purchasing Tables in Wonderland and or the annual pass, (DVC Members don’t qualify for Free Dining) Closing Costs, and the expense of getting to Florida or other Disney related properties are an additional expense, The entire process has an ownership time limit.

In addition you still are required to pay The cost of the park tickets after all the above expenses. When you book with an experienced Disney Planner you might get additional room or package air tickets and discounts not offered to the DVC participants. Special travel packages for upscale rooms offer discounts to upscale clientele also.

I am a Disney fan, I would go to Disney if I could afford to every year I would love to be part of Disney ownership However, You do not get any special perks or benefits that I am aware of for being a ” member”, to justify the costs of ownership. The upside is you stay in a deluxe room… But if you could afford the cost of the program you might well afford the cost of the deluxe rooms anyway with out the hassle of the additional costs… Even purchasing on the secondary market the same costs still apply.

What you appear to get is a wonderful lodging which you are not in anyway unless you are just going to relax? Really? at Disney?. If you travel with a group, Disney offers conjoining or adjacent rooms… Yes, you can cook in the family suites. But is that really worth the above costs?… I have been waiting for someone to justify the costs to me and tell me the special perks benefiting individuals for participating in the program and yet, No one has.

Other than the experience is wonderful and being in a more upscale room is fantastic. The DVC is an experience, a wonderful experience that may be worth it to some… But from my standpoint, the experience would be more worth the numerous costs if additional perks were provided only to DVC Members to offset a few dollars in other areas giving ownership a value…

All that seems to occur in my estimation is that you, as a visitor, guarantee Disney you will spend your hard earned vacation Money in the parks or on Disney property every year for the next several years.A great Marketing strategy… and business smart, The corporation charges all those costs with out added incentives to the public and all join because of the “Disney” experience. Smart Marketing.

I am not against joining I am fighting with myself over the above thoughts…

Aug 15, 2013 Yes, it’s worth it!
by: Katrina

We just bought DVC through the resale market. It was definitely worth it for our family, but it’s not for everyone.

Aug 15, 2013 Vacation club member
by: Anonymous

We are DVC members and love it, we usually try and stay at the boardwalk, we have 400 points and bought the first 200 pts through Disney the second 200 points we bought through a secondary company and of course received a much better deal, but so happy we did it, it is a great family vacation!
My only wish is we could go more often

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