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Ask Dad – Jersey Week confusion

ask-dad-avatar-100I am so confused. We were planning on going to WDW in November. Your site says Jersey week is busy and low crowds. So much mixed messages from people. Does Veterans day increase attendance? Not sure what to do?

Dad’s me too Answer

When it comes to Jersey Week, I’m confused too. For several years, I’ve been saying Jersey Week is a mythical thing. I’ve tracked it for 6 years. For 5 years it was one of the slower weeks of the fall which led me to call it a mythical event.

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The Food and Wine Festival is that week? – by WDW Shutterbug

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But last year, I was there during “Jersey Week”. Last year was different. Crowds were way up (for early November). No, we’re not talking Summer busy, but it was busier than I expected. I think everyone was surprised by the crowds last year at Jersey Week.

That’s why the confusing message there is out there about Jersey Week. Even during the slow years, a lot of the crowd type people were talking about the huge crowds during Jersey Week. It just wasn’t true.

Let me be clear here. What we’re talking about is moderate crowds instead of light crowds. When I was at WDW last year during the “big” Jersey Week crowds, the parks weren’t all that busy. They were busier than I expected, but they weren’t really busy. Like I said, moderate crowds.

I could blame last years Jersey Week crowds on the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, but that wasn’t the problem last year. The crowds were there earlier in the week. I left on Thursday so I’m not sure what crowds were like over the weekend, but I think they were smaller and back to normal.

That is toward the end of the Food and Wine Festival.

I will say, without any fear of being wrong, that Veterans Day is probably the slowest holiday of the year, crowd wise. You can expect light crowds during Veterans Day week. That hasn’t changed in 40 years.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Jersey Week is a tough one to call. For years it has been a slow time at WDW. Last year it was a moderately busy time. Was last year a fluke, or is it the norm? I dunno. But still, Jersey Week isn’t all that busy even if it is busier than expected.

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  1. It may be because “Jersey Week” is not always the same. Living in NJ (with a daughter & son-in-law in the education professions), Jersey Week is known as such because of “Teachers Convention” which is a Thursday and Friday school closing sometime at the beginning of the month. Last year, it was November 6 & 7, which tied in with Election Day (a holiday for some NJ school districts) on November 4th. Next year, it will be November 5 & 6… again an Election Day week. School districts that have Election Day (Tuesday prior) as a school holiday, or Veterans Day (Monday or Tuesday after) make it especially tempting to take off on a vacation! In 2016, it will be later… November 10 & 11. So, kind of like Easter & Thanksgiving, you need to go on a case by case (or better yet, year by year) basis.

  2. Thank you for your clarification on this. I hear people talk about “Jersey Week” like it’s the apocalypse or something. I guessed it was much less severe than described. Still seems like a reasonable time to go to me – especially if you have to go during a time when students are off of school.

  3. I live in Southern New Jersey. I have always traveled to Disney World during “Jersey Week” for the past 10 years. The parks are really not that crowded. I visit all four parks and am able to go on all of the attractions that I wish. I never go to the water parks. I am 52-years-old. I travel with my 51-year-old sister and 76-year-old mother. This year is 2017 and my family is going from Monday November 6th thru Saturday November 11th. We always purchase tickets for each day along with park hoppers for each day. I am positive we will have a good time as always!

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