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Ask Dad – Uniquely Animal Kingdom Snack

ask-dad-avatar-100Mindy asked this question over on the Ask Dad Facebook page.

MK has Dole Whips, EPCOT has World Showcase. Is there a snack/ treat specific to Animal Kingdom? We always do a big breakfast and skip lunch so we’re looking for a uniquely Animal Kingdom snack.

Dad’s a yummy question Answer

Now this is a good looking snack - Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Now this is a good looking snack – Photo by Disney Photo Snapper


That’s a really interesting question. I really had to think about this one because nothing jumped out at me when I first thought about it. But I think I found just the thing.

You are correct when you say the Magic Kingdom has some unique snacks. The Dole Whip has been a Magic Kingdom staple forever, but the last couple of years, Disney has started serving Dole Whips in EPCOT and in the Animal Kingdom. So it’s not so unique to the Magic Kingdom any more.

There are lots of very unique Magic Kingdom snacks. LeFou’s Brew and the Pork Shank at Gaston’s Tavern and all the yummy hand made treats at the Main Street Confectionery.

EPCOT does have some very unique snacks in the World Showcase. Dad’s favorite is a crepe in France. Yummy.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a ton of snack places. Probably the most unique and healthy are found at Anaheim Produce.

But when you think about Animal Kingdom snacks, you don’t think too much about food or unique snacks. Animal Kingdom has the least amount of restaurants and snacking experiences of all the parks. That’s mainly because it’s just not open as long. It doesn’t need as many.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a place to get a unique snack.

In Animal Kingdom there are several interesting snack venues. You’ve got the Harambe Fruit Market, Bradley Falls and the Royal Anandapur Tea Company which all have some interesting offerings.

Get a "Bug Sundae" - Photo courtesy of EasyWDW

Get a “Bug Sundae” – Photo courtesy of EasyWDW

But I think the “signature” Animal Kingdom snack has to be found at Discovery Island Ice Cream. It’s called a Bug Sundae. It has ice cream, bug gummies and cookie crumbles. Now doesn’t that sound like fun.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Snacks are everywhere at WDW. It’s fun to go looking for unique snacks. OK, I think we’ve found a new game…

So what do you think? What are your favorite snacks around WDW?

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  1. We went to Disney World for the first time in November 2015. My 5 year old loved all things Mickey shaped. We had a Mickey shaped cinnamon bun and pretzel at AK and Mickey Waffles on the breakfast buffet at Boma. She still talks about “all the Mickey heads” she ate! 🙂

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