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At Disney World what age children get in free?

by yamil


What is the minimum age that kids do not pay for entrance ticket?


Dad’s that’s too easy Answer




The quick and easy answer is children are free until they are age 3. Magic Your Way children’s tickets are for children ages 3 to 9. So from birth until they turn 3 they don’t pay anything.


We even found one time that if a child turns 3 during your trip, they are still considered 2. Tickets are based on the age at check-in.


The Disney Dining Plan is the same as tickets. Guests are considered children for ages 3 to 9. Now with the Dining Plan you will have to buy any food for children under age 3.


I know, it’s a bit unusual for Dad to answer a question so quickly but there is really nothing more to say.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Yamil, Disney says children are children (pretty profound right?) from ages 3 to 9. At age 10 they become adults. Under 10 they pay kids prices and under 3 they’re free.


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