Australia section of the Animal Kingdom

Australia section of the Animal Kingdom

by Russell

Is the Australia section of the Animal Kingdom going to be done next year?

How can I see others comments on here?

Dad's rumors and innuendo Answer


Let's tackle that second one first. If there is a comment to be viewed, just after Dad's Answer, it will say ...

"Click here to read or post comments"

if there aren't any comments it says ...

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Click on that link and off you go.

Now about that other thing. First let me say that this is one rumor I'm beginning to believe. There are some pretty credible sources that are talking about this. But then the same thing happened with the Beastly Kingdom.

Rumors and Innuendos. Every year, several rumors about coming rides, parks, attractions spring up at Disney World. Disney even contributes to some of them. Several times Disney has announced projects that never got off the ground. In fact they went so far as to build a hotel and leave it vacant for 6 years.

But concerning an Australia section of the Animal Kingdom. This rumor makes sense. Disney is in an expansion mode. (They need to expand some to draw some attention away from Potterville.) The Animal Kingdom has been a bit neglected through the years. It's time for a major upgrade to this park. (Yes, Disney Hollywood Studios needs one too.)

Now, the realist in me jumps out and starts biting things. Disney hasn't announced anything (as of December 18) about the Australian section of the Animal Kingdom yet. So, I don't put a lot of stock in the rumors.

More to your point. No it won't be open next year. If it does happen, my guess is a target date would be 2015. (2 years after the opening of Fantasyland.) Let's just see how good Dad is at predicting things. If the 2015 date is to happen, I'd expect an announcement from Disney in the March - April timeframe.

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