Avatar is coming to the Animal Kingdom

Avatar is coming to the Animal Kingdom

by Dad

This could get interesting. Disney and James Cameron announced today that the newest land in Animal Kingdom will be based on the very popular movie Avatar.

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Avatar will be the next land in Animal Kingdom

Disney Parks and Avatar announce a new partnership
Photo by Disney Parks Blog

There has been lots of speculation about upcoming projects at Disney World (including RUMORS about a roller coaster park). This is the first concrete announcement about any new expansion projects outside of the Fantasyland Expansion.

I'm a bit surprised that this announcement wasn't made at the D23 Expo a couple of weeks ago. It would have really made a big splash there. Oh, well. It's more than just a rumor. Disney has announced it and has announced a budget of $400 million and they have set aside several acres for the construction. The announcement talks about several attractions based on the current and planned movies.

This is big and welcome. Animal Kingdom really needs more attractions.

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