Backlot Express

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Backlot Express is one of the most convenient quick service locations at WDW – it’s right in the middle of all the action, and it was a menu that’ll please just about anyone. 



Welcome to the Backlot Express. Photo by Cliff Wang

Lots of seating, a simple but good menu, and generally quick service makes this a great spot to stop with the family on a busy day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Picky eaters won’t have a problem here and recently they’ve added a few interesting items to the menu – including some Star Wars themed treats.

What to Expect

Have you ever imagined having a meal in a big, concrete warehouse surrounded by chain link cages containing cool movie props?  How about in an outdoor paint shed with lots of tools scattered all about?  That’s what eating at Backlot Express is like.  It’s kinda neat.


A warehouse of good eating. Photo by Laurie Sapp


Backlot Express is located in the Echo Lake area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios – right to the left of the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple stage.

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Lunch and Dinner

Burgers, hot dogs, and salads are the core menu here.  Of course, you could always opt for some chicken nuggets and Darth Vader Waffles, or a Star Wars themed cupcake for dessert.  Good and reliable food.


See the most up-to-date menu from Disney here.

Advanced Dining Reservations

Backlot Express is a Quick Service location – no ADRs needed.

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Outdoor seating area. Photo by Laurie Sapp

The Disney Dining Plan

Backlot express accepts Quick Service credits or Snack credits (for beverages and desserts) on the Disney Dining Plan.

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Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Backlot Express is a good place to grab lunch or dinner – the cost is pretty reasonable, the service is generally fast, and you can almost always find a seat.