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Bay Lake Towers is calling …

Old Key West 5

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For almost 30 years, the Disney Vacation Club has been whispering my name. Can’t you almost hear it … Dad … Dad …

A few months ago, that whisper turned into a roar. Over the years, I’ve made all the excuses for why we couldn’t buy into the DVC. We didn’t have enough money, we don’t go often enough, and the big one, I want to be on the monorail. That’s the latest one. For 10 years or so I’ve been saying if Disney ever builds a Vacation Club Resort on the monorail you can count me in.

I’m beginning to run out of excuses. Yes, Disney Vacation Club now has a resort on the monorail. Bay Lake Towers is open for business. (And one of my best friends has already invested and stayed there. I’m so jealous.)

Well, since I can’t buy into Bay Lake Towers right now … I guess I’ll just write about it.

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