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by christine
(saugus mass)

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“Hello, we were lucky enough to get the chance to go to Disney at the end of October. I want to make dinner reservations at Be Our Guest, but it says, ‘No availability’. Also, my mother and I are both handicapped. What is the best way to rent an ECV scooter and park hoppers? We are staying in a timeshare so we need a car also. Thank you for your help.”

The Dining Room in Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest is beautiful – Photo by Cliff Wang

Christine, unfortunately, getting reservations for Be Our Guest is hard. It’s one of the first restaurants that’s completely booked at that 180 day mark. That’s why I was just talking about the 180 day mark, because that’s when you make the dining reservations.

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So, if you want a reservation at Be Our Guest, you really have to make it at that 180 day mark, to, not guarantee it, but to have the best chance to get it.

Now, there are some other ways to get the reservations if it’s not at the 180 day mark. Not saying that these will work, but these are just some things you can try.

Just keep trying first. Number one is just keep trying, because reservations come open all the time. I know Stephanie and Tatjana (my assistants) both told me this week that they had gotten last day and even last minute reservations while they’re at Disney World, to Be Our Guest. They went onto the app and looked and they actually at Walt Disney World. So just keep trying even up to the point of that day if you really want to eat at Be Our Guest.

The other thing you can do is TouringPlans. Our partners at, they have a reservations finder app. If you’re a member of Touring Plans, you can go over to Touring Plans and look for their ADR reservation finder. You just fill it in, and if one comes available, they’ll send you an email and say, “Hey, there’s a time available at …” and if it fits your parameters you’ll get an email for that. They’re computer wizards so this is the kind of thing they do.

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Those are two things you can do for Be Our Guest. Number one, just keep trying. Number two, go to Touring Plans. If you don’t have a subscription, go to our Touring Plans page and click the link and go over to Touring Plans and look.

Okay, so for ECVs, the little scooters, for you the best thing is probably going to be to rent them in the parks. There are companies that rent them for the whole time that you’re at Walt Disney World, but since you’re staying off site and you’re going to probably be driving, that’s probably not going to work, and you’re going to want to rent them in the parks. Each park has a rental place where you can rent one of the ECVs. Those places are right by the front entrance.

So go to the rental places and you rent them. It’s $50 a day. You get $20 of that back at the end of the day. So it’s really only $30 a day. You can get them right in the parks. Check out Disney’s ECV page.

All right, so, rental cars. Not much really I can help you with on rental cars. I typically use either Alamo or National, which you can get at the airport, and they’re right there literally at the airport. You walk out of the terminal, across the street, and right in the parking garage, in the basement of the parking garage, is your rental car. So Alamo and National are both right there.

They’re also on Disney property. That doesn’t help you, but that’s … I’ve always used Alamo and National. No reason for it other than that’s who I’ve always used. So that’s who I typically go with.

As for park hopper passes, the park hopper is part of the Magic Your Way pass, the standard pass that you get at Walt Disney World. The park hopper is an option. You don’t have to get a park hopper. You can just get passes. You’ll save some money by not getting the park hopper option.

But that means you cannot go from park to park in the same day. You can stay in the same park all day and the regular tickets work in all of the parks, but the park hopper option allows you to go between parks every day.

So for tickets, we recommend the Official Ticket Center. Patrick is a buddy of mine, he runs the Official Ticket Center. He’ll be happy to help you and set you up.

Dad’s Official Ticket Center page

They’re right there in Orlando, right there about a mile from Walt Disney World, they have a store right there, just right outside of Walt Disney World. They’ll deliver your tickets to your hotel room, they’ll help you get them set up electronically, whatever you want to do, they’ll even send them to you.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Bottom line is, the Be Our Guest, you’ve just got to keep trying, even the day of, you might get in. Tickets, ECVs, and rental cars, just pick a rental car company that you’re familiar with, tickets, the Official Ticket Center, and ECVs, rent them in the parks.


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