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Beauty and the Beast

Dad’s not a big Beauty and the Beast fan. What can I say. I’m one of those macho guys that doesn’t want to admit that we like “chick” flicks. So for most of my adult life I’ve avoided the show at Disney Hollywood Studios. But all that changed on our last trip.

Dad is a huge fan of a cappella music. The opening act for the BnB show was a group called Four for a Dollar  and Dad wanted to see their show, but was going to sneak out before the start of the musical version of the cartoon movie.

About 15 minutes before the big show was scheduled to start the sound crew started doing sound checks. That’s what sound crews do, right? But, when is the last time you remember any Disney show having a sound check in front of the audience. All of the sudden one of the sound guys starts singing. He sings good. (Dad knows good singing.) In a couple of seconds another of the sound guys joins the first. Before you know it a whole concert breaks out. It was Four for a Dollar. They were great. I wish I’d seen them sooner. (Shortly after we were there, Disney stopped supporting Four for a Dollar. It’s a shame. They were really good. Check them out for yourself.)


Oh, yeah. We didn’t have time to leave before the show started and we got stuck watching the whole Beauty and the Beast show.

The girl that played Belle could really sing.

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