Behind the Magic Tour

Behind the Magic Tour

by Trish

Hi Dad, My husband and I go to Disney World about twice a year. We are thinking about taking the Behind the Magic tour. Have you ever taken this tour? Because it is so expensive, a trade off would have to be made. We would probably stay at a value resort instead of my favorite, Port Orleans French Quarter. I have found mixed reviews online. Do you think it is worth it?

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Twice a year? I'm jealous.

I haven't been on the Behind the Scenes tour yet. But, we have some dear friends that went in December and had a ball. They said it was well worth the money. They even got to see some of the Toy Story 3 decorations before the movie even came out.

About the Pop Century, I'm going to give a very wishy washy answer. I love the Pop Century. It's our favorite reasonably priced hotel at Disney World. But ...

Dad's Pop Century page

The Port Orleans was just rehabbed and they changed the beds from full sized to queen sized. This is a big deal in Dad's opinion. One of my biggest complaints about the Moderate Resorts was they cost twice as much as the Value Resorts and you slept in the same sized bed. To me that just didn't make sense. Now that the Moderate Resorts have queen size beds, they have more value than the did before the rehab. (I know not all of them have been changed, but they will be.)

Dad's Bottom Line

Would I trade sleeping in a queen sized bed for sleeping in a full sized bed and going to a Behind the Magic Tour? Maybe. It depends on if I was sleeping in that bed by myself or with Mrs. Mom.

If your family is comfortable with the smaller beds, try out the Pop Century. It's a bit more splashy than the Port Orleans Riverside, but it has a charm all it's own. If you need the bigger beds, skip the tour and enjoy the space. Or, skip one trip, save the money and take a bigger trip later in the year.

PS. Just make sure to let Dad help with your reservations in the future.

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Feb 26, 2011
Loved it!
by: Patti (Submitted on Facebook page)

Loved the Behind the Magic tour!! We try to take a tour each time we go because we learn so much about Walt Disney World. Is this the 7 hour tour? If so, it is well worth the money and the time.

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