Bell Services at Saratoga Springs

by Lauren

How long can Bell Services at the Saratoga Springs Resort keep our luggage after checking out? Our train doesn’t leave until 7:30 pm and I’m not sure what we could do to spend the day, especially with luggage and no car.

Saratoga Springs Resort

Saratoga Spring Resort - how long can bell services keep luggage
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Dad’s you’ll be fine Answer


You will have no problem with Bell Services keeping your bag at Saratoga Springs after you check out. This happens all the time.

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If you were flying and using Magical Express you would just leave your luggage and it would magically appear when you arrive at your destination (as long as you had prearranged it and you were flying on an approved airline, and you were flying in the Continental United States, and your hair was not purple … Whew.)

Every day, guests leave bags with Bell Services at Disney Hotels. It’s a normal thing. Check out time is 11am and thousands of people every day leave in the evenings. Disney is well aware of this and is happy to help. (Especially if you tip.)


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There is not an official time you have to retrieve your bags. There are lots of people that leave them until after the parks close and pick them up so you will be fine.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

We left our bags at the Pop Century one time while we went to the parks. It was no big deal. They stored them for us with a smile, especially when I slipped them that thousand dollar bill (just kidding). Bell Services in the Value Resorts is a little different in that they won’t come to your room, but they still can store bags. will take mighty good care of you. Just make sure to tell them Dad said to.

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