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Best Building at the Pop Century?

Where is the best building to stay at Pop Century?



the Hippy Dippy pool outside the 60's building at the Pop Century

The Winner is Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Dad’s can you dig it Answer


The Pop Century is one of Dad’s favorite Disney Hotels. It really is a groovy place to stay.


See the map on Dads’s Pop Century page


One of the problems with the Pop Century is it’s a huge hotel, the biggest at Walt Disney World. There are almost 3,000 rooms (2,880). That’s more than the Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts combined. Since there are only 10 buildings at the hotel, that means there are almost 300 rooms in each building.


The buildings are huge. For example, the 60’s buildings are the closest to the the main building (Classic Hall), but if your room is in the far end of the 60’s building you’ll be a long way from Classic Hall.


Also, the 60’s buildings are a long way from the parking lots. So if you have your car at Disney World, it can be a long walk from your room to your car. If you have a car you’ll probably want to be in the 50’s or the 90’s buildings. (We really liked the 50’s when we stayed there.)


Another big draw at any hotel are the pools. The Pop Century has some really neat pools. There’s the Bowling Pin pool in the 50’s building, the Hippy Dippy pool in the 60’s building and the Computer pool in the 90’s building. The 70’s buildings don’t have a pool.


Disney does have preferred rooms at the Pop Century. They are the rooms that are closest to the Classic Hall. The buildings that have preferred room are in both the 60’s buildings, the front half of the 50’s and 70’s buildings closest to the Classic Hall.


So which is the best? We like the 50’s and the 60’s. If you have a car pick the 50’s if you don’t the 60’s is better. If you want to be closer to the Classic Hall spring for the preferred room and request the 60’s building. If you want the closest add a pool view.


You can request a specific building, but Disney doesn’t guarantee any request.


I’d really suggest you give my friends over at Destinations to Travel a ring. They can help you pick the best building for your stay. They can also help with everything else you’ll need for your trip.


Dads’s Destinations to Travel page


Dad’s Bottom Line


The Pop Century is a Funkadelic hotel. It’s really neat. The 60’s building is just about the best place you can find especially if you can get a pool view. Have a great time.


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Jan 11, 2013 Love Pop!
by: Steph We have stayed in the 50s non preferred section and have been able to get partial fireworks views at night! Not too mention my kids love the bowling pin shaped pool! 60’s section is great, but anything in the 50’s section is only a three minute walk at most to Classic Hall.

Jan 01, 2013 I agree!
by: Kim I agree! We stayed at Pop December 2011 and asked for the preferred room in the 60s with a pool view. It was the best location. We were on the top floor but on the end closest to the hall. Fun hotel and I’d highly recommend it.

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